Deep meaning in Far Cry 3.

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Hey guys,

Alright so I just finished FC3. Chose the ending where you don't die..yida yada it's not good what the fuck...anyways.

I was wondering if you guys had taken time to think about whether any of the ambiguousness and weirdness in the game (whether in cutscene, loading scenes) had any deeper meaning. Obviously we're dealing with the grow, and coming of age of a young, indecisive, immature individual. However, the Alive in Wonderland quotes, Vaas generally ("Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"), the poker. Did anyone see any deeper significance, or am I just an English Lit obsessive who has read 'The Heart of Darkness' too many times that I expect deeper meaning in everything.

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Well, according to the writer of the game, the general player was too stupid to realize how brilliantly he had written the whole thing. So ye, apparently there's supposed to be some deeper significance.

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