Did Everyone Just Play Stealth?

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#51 Posted by kaos_cracker (742 posts) -

I did stealth for like 80% of the game, then toward the end I stopped caring since I didn't need the XP and I just shot everyone at the outposts and final missions

#52 Posted by Deranged (1859 posts) -

@MikkaQ said:

I only used stealth to take down the alarm boxes, then the shotty and flamethrower got pulled out, and I massacred libeally.

I have to agree with this. When assaulting outposts, having them call in reinforcements is unbearably annoying so I always stealth until taking out the alarms. Sometimes, I will sit there and pick off each enemy with my bow or utilize the fantastic takedowns, but if all hell breaks loose, I don't mind whipping out my AK-47.

#53 Posted by Svenzon (745 posts) -

I tried to take around 90% or so of the outposts quietly, but every now and then I'd just say "fuck it" and go in guns blazing. Both the stealth mechanics and the gunplay are so damn satisfying in Far Cry 3, so either one is fun.

#54 Posted by Lord_Xp (606 posts) -

@Lagaroth said:

Now that I think about it I was largely playing it as a stealth game as well. Though that was mostly because the bonuses for stealth takeovers far outweighed the frontal assault rewards. The XP disparity between a 'Undetected' outpost takeover and a run in and gun everyone down is extreme.

That's why I was doing it to. I liked having the extra xp with everything I did. It was a good challenge with a good reward as well.

#55 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5481 posts) -

I like stealth since I'm better at that than FPS' so I did it mainly because it was more reliable that way. I circumvent the both of them by running towards a goal if there is one if I think it would be faster.

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