Far Cry 3 Graphics/Video Card: I don't know what to get

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I need a graphics card that can play Far cry 3 on the highest.But I need a range from 200$-300$ . Can anyone provide links to any good sites that have good cards? Please Help. Thanks in advanced

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If you want to play Far Cry 3 on the highest you will need to spend a bit more than 200-300 dollars (based off of what we have seen so far)

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@Schockh: Get this 7950 they give you Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, Medal of Honor 2 and Sleeping Dogs free with it. That's like 200 dollars of games free with a 300 dollar card that are all redeemable via steam.


Plus it's pretty high up on the benchmark list so I would say it would handle Max pretty nicelyi.

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Id get that 7950 if you cant spend more, if you can however do that ive got Palit gtx 670 jet stream 2g and it can handle anything im throwing at it very well. It has base clock over 1000 and boost clock over 1100 and runs very cool.

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Uh... you duders need to ask some questions before throwing numbers at him.

Like, for instance, what are your computer's specs? What sort of power supply do you have? Is there enough space in your case for a graphics card?

If the OP has a four-year old cheap HP tower with a low-end dual core processor in it, then just tossing a graphics card in there - even if it will fit - won't do him a ton of good. Most likely, the power supply in such a computer won't be able to handle the card.

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@xSeanZx said:

If you want to play Far Cry 3 on the highest you will need to spend a bit more than 200-300 dollars (based off of what we have seen so far)

That is false, I got my GTX 660ti for 250 bucks on ncix and I can run any game you throw at me at ultra. I get an average of 60-75 FPS on FC3 on ultra settings.

http://ncix.com/search/?q=GTX%20660%20Ti - That's the link to the GPU.

Check out the game on ultra settings here!


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