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Interesting. I'll be seeing where this goes. This mod already sounds pretty awesome: http://farcry.nexusmods.com/mods/15/

I like being able to take strongholds but then let them be reclaimed. I found that the game got too boring when I had taken all the strongholds and there were no enemies on patrols.

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All I want are land sharks.

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Reviving an old thread to mention that I am having a ton of fun replaying through the game with Ziggy's mod, which can be found here--http://farcry.nexusmods.com/mods/63. Lack of HUD adds a new layer of challenge to the game. Right now, I am going through avoiding any campaign missions and simply taking out towers with fewer crafted items, no "spotted" HUD, and the inability to tag enemies. This makes the game more challenging and should probably only be attempted the second time through. The higher incidence of enemies and animals also adds a lot.

For those who have beat the game, some more interesting perks to know about...

The mod also unlocks the flying suit at the beginning of the game and opens up Hoyt's island without accomplishing any missions, so you can really use it as a fun gameplay and outpost takeout sandbox!

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