I've got a problem with this game (minor gameplay spoilers)

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So i finished Far Cry 3 a few weeks ago, and loved it. However, the more I thought about the game, the larger this seemingly small issue became. I felt no compulsion to explore the island. Throughout the game, which took me 12 hours to complete, I only did about half a dozen side missions not counting cell towers. Yet, I still almost maxed all three of my skill trees, had more money than I could spend, and never was in need of guns or ammo.

So my question to you is this. Why would a giant open world focused game be designed in such a way that none of the extra content actually helped you out in the long run?

My one theory is that this game is focused more on being a shooter, less of a pseudo-RPG, and making you feel weak unless you do a bunch of side content would put it more in the RPG camp. What do you guys think? Was the open world pointless? Or am I missing something?

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I don't think it was pointless but I do have more than a few issues with how it was designed.

Like you say here basically, it should have been stingier with skill points.

I also would have liked it if the best weapons had to have been found.

Another thing that annoyed me: as you clear out the outposts (which is fun and you should want to do that, plus you are rewarded) the game world becomes boring because there are no more enemy patrols or anything in those areas.

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Altho I havent played this game , compared to Far cry 2 it sounds like a joy ride. Also like most open world games there are just side activities , the only game of this kind that gives you something remotely usefull was Red Dead Redemption (at least from my point of view ... I could be mistaken)

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Open world was so you could dick around, RPG elements were to give you something to do when you weren't shooting dudes and to change up the gameplay enough (unlocking abilities etc) that there would be a reason to keep playing. I loved exploring the island, as do other people I've talked to, so that seems to be more of a personal issue rather than one of design.

Yeah, the side missions weren't great, but like you said the game is definitely a shooter first and foremost.

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@aetheldod: Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this game immensely. I didn't have an issue with some later story beats that others seem to, and it had some of the best defined characters in any game of recent memory.

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