Is Deluxe Edition worth it?

#1 Posted by jediknight00719 (188 posts) -

A lot of people are loving this game and since its out in Europe wondering if anyone bought the Deluxe edition of the game. Is it worth the extra $10 to get it?

#2 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@jediknight00719: I didn't, whats included in the Deluxe Edition?

#3 Posted by Strife777 (1738 posts) -

If you think a couple of extra missions and a soundtrack is worth an extra 10$, then sure. That's what I got. I'm in Canada though, so I can't play it yet.

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I bought it because I wanted the extra missions. Also, free copy of Far Cry 1 on Steam with the deluxe edition.

#5 Posted by jediknight00719 (188 posts) -
@Hizang basically some extra missions and some exclusive weapons. Just wondering if other people have played the missions and found them fun

Eff it ill probably get it since it comes out to the same price as a console game
#6 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -
@jediknight00719 Well I think you'll find there is plenty to do without the missions, but some cool new weapons would be nice. It's the problem with giving you every weapon from the get go, before to long you've used them all. Soundtracks been kinda meh, It's not worth it for that.
I would say save that $10 and buy a real nice lunch.
#7 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

I got the Insane edition which got me some extra missions, a sniper rifle and other shit. That's nice but my bobble head I got was totally worth the extra money.

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I bought it thinking it said I can play the game early if I get the delux edition along with extra missions etc... After I installed it I found out I can play the first Farcry which comes with the game and not play the game early. That's what I get for making purchases at 4 am after a night of drinking.

#9 Posted by ShaggE (7174 posts) -

Honestly, I think it's worth it for the soundtrack alone.

#10 Posted by UtamiJogjaf1 (29 posts) -

@ShaggE said:

Honestly, I think it's worth it for the soundtrack alone.


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Single Player:

+ 6 new missions (4 bomb-monkey missions and 2 WWII ruins missions)

+ 4 new animals (White Tiger, Tasmanian Tiger, Black Panther, Red Vulture)


+ 2 new taunts

+ an 'exclusive dagger'

+ flare shotgun early unlock

+ tattoo editor early unlock

+ predator bow early unlock


+ Soundtrack

+ 'Survival Guide' PDF - Artwork and Gameplay Tips

All this stuff is split up into 4 'packs' which I imagine will be released as DLC later on.

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I said screw it and droppped the extra 10, mainly for the four additional animals, but I don't know if it'll be worth it or not.

#13 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

Gamefly had the Deluxe version on the PC w/ the free copy of FC1 for $49 and some change with a code, so I went that way. The extra mission stuff is probably pretty short, but eh, whatever, better to have all of it.

#14 Edited by Karkarov (3781 posts) -

I don't know I got the deluxe myself. I love sound tracks and it came with that, plus 4-5 single player missions, and a bunch of new weapons/items for both single and multiplayer while only costing 10 dollars more.

Seemed like a solid deal to me, especially if you think about what most charge just for extra missions alone.

EDIT: Oh yeah, you got a free steam copy of Far Cry 1 too.

#15 Posted by ericdrum (422 posts) -

If you already bought the normal version, can you upgrade to the deluxe?

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