Low quality audio?

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I'm playing the 360 version, I'm only about half an hour in and most of the voice acting just seems... not quite right. It sounds kind of tinny and far off, like I'm hearing it out of a Wiimote speaker. I noticed the problem while moving through the camp, caught hints of it with Jason and Grant talking, got a little from Vaas. The worst offender and confirmation that I wasn't crazy was arms dealer you run across and get the 1911 from.

It's not my television, because I dug out my gaming headphones just to confirm. Nothing else sounds awful really, but the VA is sticking out like a sore thumb. I've tried restarting my Xbox and, idk. Is this something others are experiencing and I just have to suck it up?

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I'm playing on the 360 as well, but I don't really have this problem. I think maybe the game overall is a little quite when played through my TV, but through my headset it sounds fantastic. The dialogue is seems as loud and clear as it should be to me.

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@OneKillWonder_: Bummer. The music and most of the ambient world sounds great, but characters talking and actions performed just sound off in a way that's kind of off putting. Maybe it's just my copy? I don't know. I'll just roll with it I suppose.

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I've noticed something like this as well. The main character voices seem fine but the villagers sound like their voices are playing from a phone speaker. I'm playing on PC.

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Yeah, the non-essential character voices are pretty crappy. I first noticed it from the general shopkeeper in Amanaki town.

EDIT: Playing on PC

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