Meet Hoyt (Trailer)

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So far, I must say I'm really liking what they've shown of Far Cry 3's characters. If what they've shown in trailers is something that holds in the actual game, FC3 might have the best video game villains in a long time, at least for me.

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I can't help but thinking that all of these characters are far too over the top in this game. Anyway, I'm definitely going to pick this up; I suppose I'm just hoping for more exploration and fewer cartoon characters.

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...and, once again, my hopes for a True Blood x Far Cry crossover are crushed.

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It might just be me but it seems like there are a shit ton of characters in this game because it feels like there are bunch of "character" trailers being posted. Shame I have to make this game be the one to wait for a price cut which hopefully shouldn't be too long for the PC version. There's too many other stuff on my list to get.

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Everytime I see more of this game (especially after that 14 minute preview), It looks like it has the potential to be my game of the year..

I also think the characters look pretty interesting, also the fact that they seem to be differentiating them by accents could be interesting and cool

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I agree that there have been too many character trailers. I imagine most of these folks will just turn out to be NPC quest givers.

The E3 gameplay footage looked intense/amazing and the coop a lot of fun. Not sure why there isn't more of that...

With an open world game there are probably a shitload of quest/areas to show off, it would make me way more interested in the game if I saw more of this.

I was cautiously optimistic enough to pre-order, but my patience is wearing thin. The game was delayed from September to December and now there's scant update on actual gameplay. Everything I've seen so far are controlled test like the E3 stuff.

I hope there's a GB livestream day of release.

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