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Hey guys, I just bought a retail copy of Farcry 3 on PC and I want to sync it with my steam account (not just as a non steam game but so it registers achievements etc). Is there any way I can do this? There isn't a CD Key or steam codes in any of the packaging but is there anything in the games data files etc that can help me?

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@Xavtron said:

Hey guys, I just bought a retail copy of Farcry 3 on PC

People still do that?

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yeah I had a gift card from christmas and it was $50 aud in the store so I picked it up

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If there's no CD key how does it work? Anyway, I don't think you can activate it on Steam, the best you can do is the non-Steam way.

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Even if you play the game through Steam, it launches the Ubisoft Uplay client, I believe. That means all the achievements are tied through that anyways, not through Steam.

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I have an install code but nothing I can get to work through steam. But it sounds like I just have to add it in the non-steam game way

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@Xavtron: AFAIK this isn't a SteamPowered game and so there are no hooks for Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves, or any of that (including no CD key for tying the product to your Steam account for future download - don't throw away that DVD). Even the Steam store release isn't advertised as having any of that connected stuff (and explicitly says you need to run the UPlay client to play your purchase so any Achievements and Cloud Saves the game supports will come thought that Ubisoft service) so this isn't one of those weird releases where the boxed game and the Steam digital release are actually two completely separate products with different connected options.

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It's not a steamworks game, so no it won't activate through steam.

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cool thanks for letting me know guys

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you could have bought a steam card and bought the game through steam that way...

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Xavtron said:

Hey guys, I just bought a retail copy of Farcry 3 on PC

People still do that?

I did! I didn't want to wait for it to download so on the way back from my last exam I went and picked it up at the local Best Buy and immediately tried to do this.

@Xavtron: Some games do activate on Steam, but not all of them. If you want a game on Steam but its key doesn't activate on Steam, then make sure you buy it on there. This game does not activate on Steam unless you buy it on there. You can still add the .exe to Steam and launch the game from there, it worked for me and if I remember correctly I could use the Steam overlay with no problems.

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