#1 Posted by Adam914 (63 posts) -

does anyone know if you can store stuff in town instead if carrying every thing with you?

#2 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Yes you can, any gun you own or customize can always be pulled out of one of your safe house lockers if you need it. As for items like herbs, skins, sellable junk, or syringes, no.... that you have to carry on you.

#3 Edited by Donos (1226 posts) -

What would you store? Ammo you always carry, weapons you can get back from stores for free, and lootbag stuff is a non-issue once you upgrade the bag once. So.... no.

#4 Posted by Fattony12000 (7968 posts) -


Get the first two or three loot bags and you'll be fine for a good amount of the game. You should be selling that which you do not need.

#5 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

Craft everything that doesn't require special hunting then just sell your excess animal skins.

#6 Posted by mtcantor (966 posts) -

Craft what you can, sell what you don't need, upgrade your bags... why would you need storage?

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