The save sytem broke my play experience.

#1 Posted by RadioactiveGazz (114 posts) -

I have no idea why, but hitting "continue" made me load up a save from really really long ago. I am about 8 tedious radio towers back, 3 hours of story, and about 6 camps behind where I was. It then decides to auto-save before I realise this, effectively deleting my auto-save from my way-far ahead game. I was really enjoying this game, but I hate being forced to do shit twice, and this is a HUGE downer on the whole experience. Anyone else have that problem and have any kind of solution of how to fix or prevent it?

#2 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

Save in the open world, save after crafting. 

#3 Posted by RadioactiveGazz (114 posts) -

@warxsnake: I did. In fact, the reason this seems to have taken me back this far is because I manually saved. It's as if the auto-save is jealous of my ability to navigate the menu.

I have lots of other games to play, which is why this worries me. I like this game a lot, and now I am so bummed out, I might just move on to something else and this will remain on my back burner for a long while. I should probably just swallow this negativity and just blast my way back up to speed, and make sure not to trust the "continue" button ever again. Load manually.

#4 Posted by ShaggE (7239 posts) -

I try to never use the Continue button for that exact reason. Multiple games have screwed me that way.

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