Uplay rewards

#1 Posted by bibamatt (1124 posts) -

Hey! Has anyone unlocked any of the Uplay rewards yet? I've got 40 points, so am looking at the hand cannon one or the 'Testing Unit' mission. What's the mission? Worth chucking my 40 points at it?

#2 Posted by GunstarRed (6019 posts) -

Get the mission, it's very short and not all that interesting but it net me a ton of experience and two skill points.

#3 Posted by Tennmuerti (8735 posts) -

Meh, not worth it. The mission itself is lackluster, no real content, you just walk around abandoned tunnels and shoot a few animals, that's it. (and theres is more then enough XP in the game to fully level you twice over)

Gun is likewise not worth it, all the game weapons are good enough, especially if you get the signature ones. It could be useful early on when you have no better alternatives but that's about it.

Knife is just a skin/model change.

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