Were you always able to interact with people in the cave?

#1 Posted by xxizzypop (645 posts) -

I just got to a point in the story where

I killed Vaas and my friends are telling me the boat is almost ready to leave

and I'm only just now discovering the ability to interact with characters in the cave. Unfortunately, where I'm at, the dialogue is entirely trivial and I feel like I missed out on some decent information about the group, and maybe why they are all considered total pieces of shit. Frankly, I haven't seen anything that awful so far other than them being kind of gross rich people.

Did I miss anything cool because of my obliviousness?

#2 Posted by Sploder (918 posts) -

There was this conversation where Jason is like "When I first killed a man...it felt wrong. Which is good, right? But now when I kill a man...it feels like winning."

and that was pretty funny

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