Which four weapons do you usually carry?

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#1 Posted by MB (14570 posts) -

I just finished the game and I think I carried the same four weapons for most of it:

  • AMR rifle - just too useful. Long range, 1-2 hit vehicle kills, 1 hit heavy kills, and tons of fun to use.
  • Shredder SMG - kills everything almost too fast
  • Bushman - for medium range headshots and not much else, the Shredder does it all
  • Grenade Launcher - super useful against vehicles full of dudes, and a lot of fun to watch things explode and get tons of points doing it.

I wish some modifications were allowed on the signature weapons, or maybe that there were more of them. WIth all the weapons in the game I think I really only used 20% of them, the rest just seemed useless. Rolled with an AK47 until I unlocked the Bushman then never put it down.

What are your four go-to weapons? Or do you change it up a lot?

#2 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1366 posts) -

1. Repair tool

2. Bow

3. Flamethrower

4. RPG

Don't judge me

#3 Posted by ESREVER (2832 posts) -

MS16 (later replaced by Bushman)


Shadow pistol

Some LMG (didn't really use this slot until REALLY late in the game)

#4 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1039 posts) -


  • M700 Suppressor and High-Power Scope
  • MP5 Suppressor and Reflex Sight
  • FAMAS F1 Suppressor Optical Scope
  • 44. Magnum Long Barrel and Night Sights


  • Z39 with a Suppressor and High-Power Scope
  • Vector with Red Dot and Suppressor
  • ACE no Attachments
  • SPAS-12 with Night Sights

My play style never really changed. I found what I liked and stuck with it. Mostly sniping from long range, then running and and cleaning up with the SMG, but I had the assault rifle and a high power pistol or a shotgun just in case shit got rough.

#5 Posted by believer258 (13032 posts) -

An LMG, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, and a shotgun.

#6 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5013 posts) -

Bow, sniper rifle, some assault rifle I forget the name of, and a rocket launcher (just in case)

#7 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -

Whatever the signature shotgun is Bulldog or something? The Bushman sig AR uh... the .50 cal sniper rifle whatever that is called and the Grenade launcher.

#8 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

1: Ace with Marksman Scope and Extended Mag.

2: Signature pistol "The Shadow".

3: Spas 12 with Extended Mag and Reflex Sight.

4: Z97 with Extended Mag, Suppressor, and Long Range Scope.

Sometimes I use a bow instead of the pistol or a RPG instead of the Spas 12.

#9 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

- Bow

- The Bull

- Shredder

- Silenced sniper rifle

#10 Posted by Flushes (346 posts) -

P416, Shredder, Supressed Z97, flamethrower.

If I could carry more SMG ammo, I would only carry the shredder.

#11 Posted by JonSmith (174 posts) -




Last one tended to vary, favored a 44. Magnum.

#12 Posted by Fallen189 (5346 posts) -

A silenced sniper rifle

#13 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4948 posts) -


Semi Auto assault rifle (can't remember the name)

Lever action shot gun

Grenade launcher

When I get more signature guns I expect I might switch one of those in. But as of right now this is a nice balanced set.

#14 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Bow, Sniper, shotgun and assault riffle.

#15 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Bow, sniper, silenced pistol and shotgun for animals.

#16 Posted by CannonGoose (387 posts) -

That stupidly powerful signature sniper rifle that can rip cars apart, the signature LMG for its unbelievable dumping ability, the SPAS-12 shotgun for animals, and the bow for all the silent kills.

#17 Edited by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -

1. Bow

2. Shadow Pistol/Bushman

3. Custom Silenced Rifle

4. Rocket Launcher for when it all, inevitably, goes terribly wrong (the fact that if they notice a dead body, or someone's death, they automatically knew where you were was frustrating as hell).

If you spent a bit of time climbing the cliffs, tonnes of the bases could be cleared from hundreds of metres away with the right equipment.

Then again, nothing is as satisfying as completely clearing a camp with the hunting knife.

#18 Posted by JoeyRavn (5134 posts) -

@joshthebear said:

- Bow

- The Bull

- Shredder

- Silenced sniper rifle

This. I'm about to change the sniper rifle for the signature one, though.

#19 Edited by ProfessorEss (7705 posts) -

Shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle and bow.

Think I'm gonna swap out the bow for a rocket or grenade launcher next time I fire it up.

#20 Posted by bokchoi (34 posts) -

The Machete. Nuff said.

#21 Posted by Gruff182 (1007 posts) -


Silenced Sniper

and 2 I don't use.

#22 Posted by JacDG (2138 posts) -

@Hizang said:

Bow, Sniper, shotgun and assault riffle.
#23 Posted by kaos_cracker (949 posts) -


50 cal

Rocket launcher


#24 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I use the powerful sniper rifle that I can't remember the name of with an upgraded zoom scope and a silencer. Then an assault rifle that's unlocked later in the game, also forgot the name to. I used to use the bow a lot then replaced it to use a handgun for unlocking a certain skill in the skill tree. I never unlocked for the fourth but when I do I will use an rpg probably. Funny story though. On a Hitman mission I sniped two people knifed the target and mowed everyone down with my assault rifle in less than 10 seconds. It was a badass moment I wish I recorded. Feel like a noob now for not remembering the names of the guns I use.

#25 Posted by MB (14570 posts) -

@Lord_Xp: Just wait until you unlock the AMR. It's a whole new world of badassery.

No tanto yet?

#26 Posted by Capum15 (5156 posts) -

That silent Signature pistol, a Bow, either the silent Signature SMG or the silenced MS16, and a silent sniper rifle.

I like being sneaky.

May try a "loud" loadout sometime. Like LMG, AMR, RPG, Flamethrower or something. But so far, being sneaky is great. Managed to get all the knife-kill missions in the North Island finished with an air-assassination, except for two.

#27 Posted by UitDeToekomst (790 posts) -

i don't remember the exact gun names, but over most of the game (after each became available) I almost always had:



Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifle

#28 Edited by yevinorion (747 posts) -

1. Bull - It's a real great "Oh shit!" gun, especially for animal attacks in the jungle.

2. Shredder - This is my go to weapon right now, pure awesome. I supposed I should mention I haven't unlocked the Bushman yet.

3. AMR - I was rolling with a silenced sniper, but the sheer firepower of this thing is too great to pass up. I mean, killing heavy's in one shot?!?

4. Bow, but sometimes Flamethrower - I usually have the bow, but what can I say? Sometimes I just like to watch the world burn...

I don't have the tanto yet, but I have a cool handcrafted tribal dagger that does absolutely nothing different from the machete, but it looks cool.

#29 Posted by TheMasterDS (2477 posts) -

Bow, Silenced Pistol, Light Machine Gun, 4th changes a lot

#30 Posted by MB (14570 posts) -

@yevinorion: The tanto has the same animations as the other two melee weapons, but it's supposed to do more damage...it feels like it does but it's hard to be sure.

#31 Edited by yevinorion (747 posts) -

@MB: Yeah I just unlocked it today, thought I had to get all the letters, but turns out it's just 6. It says it does more damage in the description, but as I mainly use my melee in takedowns which are one hit kills, I don't know for sure. Looks cool though! Now I just need that Bushman...

#32 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5885 posts) -

AMR sniper rifle




#33 Posted by Robo (848 posts) -



Silenced, scoped, extended mag Z93

AMR for when I don't need to be as quiet...and need to one-shot vehicles long-range. -or- Shredder when I'm going completely suppressed.

Japanese Tanto

#34 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Silenced Sniper

Silenced MS16


Silenced Pistol

I think a pattern in my playstyle is emerging.

#35 Posted by RedRavN (418 posts) -

Im still on the first island but I already feel like a badass with some very deadly weapons.

-Silenced SMG with extended mags- I have been using the second smg with a silencer with great results. Sometimes I swap in the mp5 or the silenced pistol and even the bow but they all fill the same role. I will probably replace this with the shadow when I unlock it.

-"Bull" shotgun- this is what I have been using as my main charge stopper. The gun fires fairly quickly and holds a ton of shells. It does a stupidly overpowered amount of damage and makes dealing with predatory animals a joke. I killed the rare undying bear with two! shots to the chest. I have killed 3 pirates with one blast before.

-Ms14 with extended mags and red dot- This gun is great for medium range engagements and fighting enemies behind cover. The m14 is one of the best weapon designs in real life so of course I am going to have it with me. Its a great and versitile weapon.

-AMR- I was using the silenced remington m-700 which was powerful enough. Then I got the amr and damn its hard to imagine a sniper weapon that can top this for long range. Only problem is its very loud.

#36 Posted by jonnybob (181 posts) -

M700 with high power scope and extended mag

F1 with optical sight and sound suppressor

1887 with extended mag

and the last slot is either a LMG or a repair tool

Not very far in the game, just after the Skrillex/Marley song

#37 Posted by Phished0ne (2674 posts) -

F1 with Optical Site and suppressor


some LMG(cant remember which)

and a sniper

#38 Edited by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I relied pretty heavily on all the explosives and the cocktails. including mines, launchers, and throwing C4 around. When all that was out I'd pull out the shotgun. didn't really use more than two weapon slots really. flamethrower was fun too but you know it lacked that certain special explosive quality. also kind of bummed the fires went out so quickly

#39 Edited by ArtisanBreads (4948 posts) -

I just got to the second island and I'm quite happy because the guns improved dramatically there. All the weapons now kick serious ass.

Most of the guns being weak was a major complaint before but now I've changed my tune.

The Desert Eagle is amazing, with the marksman scope it's totally the Magnum from Halo 1.

#40 Posted by Andorski (5470 posts) -
  1. Bushman Assault Rifle
  2. Shredder SMG
  3. Z93 Sniper Rifle with Silencer and Optical Scope
  4. Recurve Bow


#41 Posted by cruxking (211 posts) -

bow, only thing i want or need.

#42 Edited by aquamarin (670 posts) -

I usually carried a silenced SMG for quietly taking down patrolling guys around the edges of buildings or in close quarters, an Assault rifle with red dot sight for peeking out of cover in firefights, an LMG with reflex sight for mowing down jeeps full of reinforcements at a distance as they approached, and the one semi-auto sniper rifle look-alike from the assault rifle category which I used silenced at medium range with the optical scope as a sniper rifle or in a pinch as an assault rifle when ammo started getting scarce towards the end of a scripted event where waves of guys would show up. All of this sounds so awful to me in light of the recent tragedy which is why I'm glad I finished that game the day before because I don't think I could have played it for a few days after that.

#43 Posted by HistoryInRust (6669 posts) -

The bow is fan-fucking-tastic. Loving it so far.

#44 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

When I was playing it, I carried around the 50 cal sniper rifle, all decked out to be silent, I carried the signature M416-equivalent, the SPAS-12, and then the last slot was typically whatever I needed to do the hunting missions, if not, the flamethrower because it was a lot of fun.

#45 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (726 posts) -
#46 Posted by Empirepaintball (1462 posts) -

Silenced pistol, Bow (which I almost exclusively use) AR, and Sniper Rifle. I almosts always use stealth (obviously) rather than running and gunning, but I'm not extremely deep into the game so I imagine I'll change styles soon.

#47 Posted by tiagoalencar78 (2 posts) -



3.spas 12(reflex sight and extended magazines)

4.recurve bow(red dot sight)

#48 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2689 posts) -

Recurve bow (most useful weapon in game imo), MP5, M4, and bolt action sniper rifle.

#49 Edited by Longshot442 (2 posts) -

1. Z93 high power scope and silencer

2. Bushman or ACE with marksman sight

3. Spas-12 with red dot

4. Bizon (can't remember its name in the game) silencer and optical sight

#50 Posted by ShaderNinja360 (2 posts) -

1. Z93 w/ extended mag, hp scope, silencer

2. Bushman sig AR

3. Recurve w/ marksman sight

4. D50 w/ extended + night sight

Or: Shadow sig pistol

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