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A List of Everything Wrong with Far Cry 3

* Fall damage is pretty punishing. This is somewhat offset by your ability to slide down hills without taking damage, but you still might find yourself cratering more often than you would like.

* There are juggernauts/heavies. Personally, I really dislike this type of enemy. They are not plentiful, and you can deal with them easily and creatively enough, but I find them off-putting.

* The save system could be better. It autosaves often enough, and you can opt to save anytime except when mid-mission, but you're only allowed one save slot (in addition to autosave) per game. nothing else. Everything else about the game is stellar. The gameplay is some of the most fun I've had in years. This is easily in my top 5 games.

When I played, I killed four men back-to-back with a knife, pulled the pin on a grenade attached to the fourth one, and kicked him into a group of other guys.

I shot a bear with an RPG.

I C4'd a shark.

I fired a pistol shot from my hip and shot a helicopter pilot out of the driver seat.

I shot a man with an explosive arrow from 80 m away.

I shot two men while ziplining, and then dropped and knifed a third.

I kited a pack of dingos into an enemy camp, where I released a jaguar, and killed all the enemies without firing a shot.

I fired a sniper round through four enemies who had lined up attacking me (they were four feet away).

I went from a clifftop-tower, to a zipline, to a wingsuit, to a parachute, to a swan dive into the ocean, all in once decent.

I let loose on a technical vehicle with a SPAS-12, and the truck rolled to a stop at my feet; it's passengers slumped to the floor.

I fired a wayward arrow at a passing enemy boat, heard a grunt, saw a man tumble into the water, and saw that I had hit him square int he face.

I molotoved a watchtower, with the sniper still inside, and giggled when he screamed.

I was about to be murdered by an enemy juggernaut, when one of his teammates vehicles sped by out-of control and splattered him across the hood.

I tricked a pyro enemy into flamethrowing a carful of pirates when he was aiming for me.

I did all this completely outside of the campaign itself.

I could go on and on about all the things you can do in Far Cry 3, but they outweight the things you can't do. I will say that the scenery is beautiful, the music is thrilling (and I'm playing it on my radio show, A Fistful of Vinyl) the driving is solid, the shooting is tight, and every kill is satisfying.

I've been a long-time member here, in which time I've never cared enough to give a review, but here is my review of Far Cry 3. Buy this game now.

Posted by Y2Ken

"I shot a bear with an RPG. I C4'd a shark."

This alone warrants 5 stars. I like your summary, the fact that there were few enough negatives to list them all says a lot.

Posted by Astiaks

Hahaha! I really like the creativity here!

Posted by Evilsbane

Well done!

Posted by SamuraiSeppuku

Great review and creativity!

Posted by MorkaiTheWolf

Short, sweet and straight to the point. Nice review!

Posted by Brad

* The save system could be better. It autosaves often enough, and you can opt to save anytime except when mid-mission, but you're only allowed one save slot (in addition to autosave) per game.

I thought this at first too, but you can actually use all three of those slots for manual saves from the same playthrough. Autosaves don't go into those slots either.

Posted by FrankCastle

@Brad: This is good to know. can you tell me how?

Posted by Pastajensen

you had me at "I C4'd a shark" got to get this.. yay!

Posted by Y2Ken

Now the game's finally on Steam in the UK, I've been debating whether to get it now or come back to it on sale. Re-read this review and I think I'm going to have to get it now.

Posted by Shaleya

* The story starts out strong but even its best moments are permeated by some of the worst tropes and cliches in storytelling. The third act is a problem; the overarching pacing only works up until a certain point (i.e. when you get to the southern island). I realize that Far Cry 3 is best when it comes to emergent storytelling but the premise of the story is relatively strong, it is disappointing to see it squandered.

* Some story missions misunderstand "changing the pace" and end up being linear corridors; side missions on the other hand are almost completely neglectable.

* Memorable characters and a great villain; however, almost none of them reach a satisfying conclusion and if they do, they do so too early.

* Drug usage as a theme allowing for refreshing visuals and surreal gameplay passages remains largely underutilized.

* The game could have been more difficult: dispatching enemies to the nether realms feels satisfying and the skill system allows for a lot of memorable moments (takedowns!) but there is no choice there: it is not difficult to unlock all of the skills relatively quickly.

* There has been a lot of writing on this, but: the character of Jason Brody suddenly transforming into a killer that can handle guns with almost no recoil is jarring and a failure of mechanics: gameplay sabotaging narrative. The handling of guns should have been harder, at least at the beginning; as it stands, there is almost no recoil or drop-off that would have supported the notion of an untrained protagonist.

None of these ruin the game for me but I think there are more reasonable faults in this game. Some people don't mind, that's fine but I think it is fair to point some of them out. Playing Far Cry 3 was an absolute blast and I won't fault anyone for putting it into their Top 10 lists but - just like with almost every game - there are still a lot of issues that could have been improved.

Posted by Ringmasters

Seems like the creativity this game has to offer is good enough for me.

Posted by padrino

"I C4'd a shark"

That pretty much sums it up :) Good review of a pretty great game.

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