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Wonderful Surprise!

I am obviously not a professional reviewer and I tend to review things like how I would talk to a person, not as if I were writing an article.

So I had to be talked into playing Farcry 3. I spent 3 hours playing Farcry 2 and I said: “Never again”. My husband began playing it and the first thing that caught my attention was the acting of the character named Vaas. I was absolutely blown away at the caliber and believably of the character. I mean he was one crazy fool! I was so drawn in by that character that I decided to give it a try. We have the copy for the xbox 360, the graphics aren't that great, but some things about the graphics are beautiful. The water is specifically beautiful. In this game you are a rich kid whose sky diving goes awry when you and your friends land on an island full of crazy rebels. You play as a kid named Jason who is thrust into becoming a savage to save his brothers and friends. The acting of this guy is less than memorable, but you meet many colorful characters. You gain xp and in turn fill in a tattoo on your arm called a Tatau, I thought that was kind of cool. You get new abilities as you fill in your tatau. Some things that I find irritating are as follows: Sometimes while you keep holding the (Y) button to heal, the animation won’t start and you die. This happens quite frequently even when you try to anticipate your death. Another thing that instantly infuriates me, is when you go to the map to fast travel, you can’t. It won’t highlight the fast travel location. This happens so much. I have had to go in and out of the map several times until it works.

Image from rockpapershotgun.com

In this game you have to hunt to craft items for yourself. I absolute hate this aspect of the game. I am an animal lover and I know it’s just a game, but I just hate have to take out animals. In some camps the bad guys have pit bulls with collars on, they attack you. I think it sucks that they have to vilify pit bulls more, but when they put collars on them, it makes it so much more personal to me. I literally cringe every time. It’s different when you are walking along the banks of the game and get attacked by a crocodile or are swimming and get attacked by a shark. It’s just sad every time to kill the other animals in the game, at least for me.

An unbelievable part of this game is that the main character becomes this blood thirsty vigilante pretty fast. But nothing I mentioned above distracts from this amazing game. The missions are fun and I can spend hours just exploring the caves and finding collectibles. When they say this game is like Skyrim with guns, that is a fair comparison. You begin to lose hours of time just exploring; it’s fantastic. Sometimes you will be walking around and hear gunfire. Once you look around you realize there is a tiger attacking a group of people. There are so many unplanned, unexpected things happening in the world.

Vaas. Image from egmnow.com

I just want to get back to this Vaas character. Wow. I was so impressed by the guy who did the voice for this that I had to look him up. His name is Michael Mando. He is so fantastic. He just breathes life into that crazy character. I can’t wait to hear more from this guy.


I have to say, I recommend this game to anyone. It’s a great departure from the boring, tedious Far Cry 2. From the hang gliders to breaking a tiger cage to let it attack a group of rebels, this game is not one to pass.

P.S. If you get the chance, read every entry in the journal. They are so funny.


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