Could it have run on N64?

#1 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

I never played this game because I have judgment, but to those that did, do you think it could have been run on N64?

#2 Posted by jarryd (294 posts) -

it looks possible, maybe with slightly less detail in the models

#3 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

Dude, it could probably run on a D.S.

#4 Posted by super_machine (1968 posts) -

In reality, no. But it was a terrible game non the less.

#5 Posted by Peewi (447 posts) -
Coltonio7 said:
"Dude, it could probably run on a D.S."

You know, the DS is actually slightly more powerful than the N64.
#6 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

I say no, it was fucking awful game but it looks very early PS2.

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