Steam Weekend Deal: 75% off on everything Far Cry.

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Its not a weekend deal! Oh Dear... my title is ruined!

Steam has another great sale with both Far Cry games being 75% off.

I have to say i'm interested, but I really don't know if either of these games are any good, I heard incredibly mixed things about 2 (Some say its amazing, Others say its absolutely godawful.), and i'm not sure how the original Far Cry holds up today. Anyone going to buy?

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Not sure about the original, heard good things, but I played the second one on PS3 and thought it was terrible.

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In before the massive amounts of Far Cry 2 hate pour in.

By the way, I thought that game was fine.

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I hated the first one. The second one is okay. I rather not go on a massive rant why. 
Point is however, is that at those prices, they're worth getting for. My advice? Just get FC2. Ignore the first one.

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I don't know that I would call a Midweek Madness sale between Tuesday and Thursday a weekend deal, but whatever floats your boat, man.  :P
Far Cry is still a fantastic game today, and Far Cry 2 is certainly worth checking out, at the very least.  I recommend getting both at those prices.

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The original is an incredible game. The graphics still hold up today, and on even a moderate machine it runs incredibly well. Gorgeous vistas, huge draw-distance, seriously the game still looks good. And there are a number of mods out there which improve upon the game also. For 2.50 dollars/euros/whatever it is well worth it. 
The second one... has its moments, but to be honest I always find myself getting frustrated with the game pretty quickly and have never bothered to finish it for that reason. But again, looks great. If you have a good PC it may be worth picking up just to play it on max settings. Can be a very atmospheric game at times. Plus, the actual shooting mechanic is really solid. And all the buddy stuff. In fact fuck it, for a fiver it is a damn good deal. 
I find it very hard to resist sales on Steam when the prices are so damn low... hard to find all that many bad points about a game in the circumstances.

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@JP_Russell said:

I don't know that I would call a Midweek Madness sale between Tuesday and Thursday a weekend deal, but whatever floats your boat, man. :P

Far Cry is still a fantastic game today, and Far Cry 2 is certainly worth checking out, at the very least. I recommend getting both at those prices.

Oh god, your right, my bad! I just really wish it was the weekend.

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I recently started playing through Far Cry 2 on PC and I like much of what the game is trying to do. If everyone always trying to kill you and malaria weren't part of the game, it would be a much better game. The combat sequences are great, but I don't have to one every 30 seconds.  

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I guess this is the thread where I suggest that people at least pick up FC2 if they're interested. 
I was someone that initially heard bad things, but decided to give it a shot anyway. Ultimately I thought it was a mostly positive experience; the respawning guard posts and driving didn't bother me - in fact, I liked the driving (and walking and swimming and boating and hang-gliding) around Africa. If I had to point to one bad thing about the game, I would actually say it would be the ending - and I doubt most people will even get to the ending anyway :o

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$2.50 for the first is good value for the first! $5 for the second is about right.

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I really love both games, but i can tell alot of what i like about those games most people hate, so buy at your own risk!

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Bought Far Cry 2 years ago and still haven't played it.

but then again that could be said about most my steam purchases...

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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Far Cry 2 could've been great without those fucking guard posts and that stupid malaria shit.

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Already own Far Cry 2 PC, but my Far Cry 1 disc is un-readable and have been meaning to buy another copy, so for 2.50 im in.

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Just picked up Far Cry 1 ^^   fuck FC2.  
@benjaebe said:

Far Cry 2 could've been great without those fucking guard posts and that stupid malaria shit.
You're driving alone in the desert. A dude who's late for a meeting is driving towards you, going in the opposite direction. He pulls over, grabs his AK and shoots your jeep full of lead. I fucking love Far Cry 2.

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