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Farina is a Pegasus Knight that appears in Fire Emblem. She is the middle sister of Fiora and Florina, who are also Pegasus Knights. She has a strong passion for money, and puts it atop her priority list at all times. Farina can be recruited as a player character during Chapter 25 of Hector's story; she cannot be recruited in Eliwood's storyline. In order to get her to join, the player must agree to pay her exorbitant fee of 20,000 gold. Despite her money-grubbing attitude, she is a loyal friend and ally.

Possible Endings

Should Farina share an A rank Support level with Hector at the game's end, she will marry him. This ending also implies that she is the mother of Lilina, a character in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi. If she has an A Support rank with Dart, she'll continue to visit and flirt with him while hinting that she'd join up as a pirate, if the price is right. If she shares an A Support rank with Kent, Kent will resign his post and stay with Farina in Ilia, where the two work together as mercenaries.

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