Quick Look?

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They've have this quick look listed on the home page for weeks, and now the time finally comes and it's nowhere to be found. What's going on?


Never mind, I was too impatient. The first thing I did when I got on my computer was go to Giantbomb and look for the quicklook. If I had checked my email first I would have seen that they live streamed it on Twitch an hour ago, carry on.

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It was live streamed at that time.

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It was a live quick look. Don't know when it ended, I wasn't watching it.

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The live stream started at 10pm and was an hour long.

#5 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (761 posts) -

And it was one of the best Quick Looks ever.

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It really was awesome near the end. Stick with it if you find it boring for a while because there is payoff.

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This game is outselling Dishonored on Steam right now...

Way to go GB bump!

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Hope they pull a finger out and upload it to the main site asap.

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Wasn't able to watch it but did they at least name their character Pig Sticker? And who did the QL? If it isn't Ryan and Vinny... they done fucked up

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I hope it's super racist.

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