Post your high score!

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Since Fart Cat doesn't have online leaderboards, figured there should be a thread for it.


#2 Posted by RJPelonia (909 posts) -

For a game all about score, I found it incredibly odd there's no online leaderboard. And I was just about to make one of these threads. Glad you had the same idea. Anywho, here's my score:


#3 Posted by solus_impar (90 posts) -

@RJPelonia: Are you playing on iPad or iPhone?

#4 Posted by RJPelonia (909 posts) -

@nomoreluck: On an iPhone. I also switched to dragging the food as opposed to flicking as I find it much faster. How about you?

#5 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

10,000,000 here.

#6 Posted by solus_impar (90 posts) -

@RJPelonia: iPhone but, I have a hard time getting past 400,000. I'm just flicking the food so, maybe that's it but, I can't help feel I'm missing more than just that. Just need to be faster I guess.

@Jrinswand: You win. Congratulations.

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