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The Fat Chocobo, also know as The Godsbird is a reoccurring character in the Final Fantasy series. He is able to store large quantity of items that the player cannot carry. He can also by used as as summon in the earlier versions of the game by the player using a Carrot item.

Final Fantasy III

Fat Chocobo in FFIII

The Fat Chocobo made his first ever appearance in this game of which he can be summoned by the player. He can only be summoned by the player if the item 'Carrot' is used in a area that smells like Chocobos. These areas are available to the player in Chocobo towns and on the airship, Invincible. Once he is summoned, the Fat Chocobo is able to store items in his belly for the player.

Final Fantasy IV

Fat Chocobo IN FFIV

The Fat Chocobo returns in this game and fulfils the same role as the previous game and appears in the Chocobo Forest. There is a robotic version of the Fat Chocobo which can be found on the Lunar Whale. It can be summoned without the use of the item 'Carrot and instead, the player must use a Gysahl Whistle to summon him .

Final Fantasy V

In this game, the Fat Chocobo appears as a random summon and is capable of causing non-elemental damage to enemies.

Final Fantasy VII

Fat Chocobo in FFV

The Fat Chocobo is part of the Choco Summon Materia and has a rare special move that he will do, of which he falls out of the sky and lands on an enemy. This move only has a one out of sixteen chance of happening and it deals 25% more damage than a normal summon. They player can also drop Fat Chocobo using Limit Break which is very difficult to achieve for players who are higher levels.

Final Fantasy VIII

Fat Chocobo in FFVII

Fat Chocobo only appears in this game if Boko has leveled up in the Chocobo World. If the player achieves this, the Chocobo summon will use a new attack of which the Fat Chocobo falls and crushes the enemy. He also appears in the side quest Queen of Cards as a Triple Triad card.

Final Fantasy IX

Fat Chocobo in FFIX

He appears in this game as the ruler of the Chocobo's Paradise and supplies the player with chocograph treasure chests if their quota is full. He can also be challenged to a card game and he uses the card called Mog, which is extremely rare. Fat Chocobo also appears in the minigame, Blackjack as the image for the King card.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Fat Chocobo does not appear directly in this game, but is mentioned in the Artefacts about a Chocobo Cannon which involves Fat Chocobo drinking gun powder and fired like a cannon. Because the Chocobo Cannon always missed its targets is was never used.

Dissida: Final Fantasy

Fat Chocobo appears as treasure hunt play plan that the player can purchase from the PP store. It is named 'Fat Chocobo Course' and it switches the player's normal chocobo for a fat one which sleeps a lot and makes a different chirping sound when it finds treasure.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

In this game, Lostime's bank is run by two Fat Chocobo's called Noiroo and Blarroo and they allow Chocobo to store gil and items he finds in dungeons.

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