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Fat Princess Review

Fat Princess is a PlayStation Network game from Titan Studios. You'll be taking on the role of a worker, warrior, wizard, cleric, or an archer to complete the task at hand. Among those tasks is the act of guarding the enemies princess, and making sure she stays nice and plump with the forbidden cake. Done in a cartoony style, this game sports 4 different modes of play to keep you busy.

Graphically this game is on par with Castle Crashers. I do like the fact that as you play more you can open up more options to customize your character. The different classes, or roles that you can take on each have their distinctive appearances, and I'm also a fan of what they upgrade to.

Musically this game has light-hearted court music that will be playing in the menus. If you've ever seen a trailer for the game, you already know the music. The taunts that you can call forth are a bit playful, but if you are constantly taunting it kind of gets old.

The controls are easy to understand. You've got your attack button, you've got your pick up button, you have your switch weapons (available to use once your classes hat dispenser has been upgraded), and a button to lock on to a target.

So the name of the game is usually guarding a slightly overweight to enormously overweight princess, or trying to rescue one. There of course are other modes of play, as in Deathmatch, which you of course just try to help kill a specific number of opponent units, or the Capture the Outpost mode, in which you capture Outposts. The story mode, which you can access by selecting the option of playing with yourself, is humorous and allows you to see what all game play modes have to offer. You'll also be exposed to the vast majority of the maps. If you don't think you're ready to face off against live opponents you can always create matches, setting the bots difficulty level, and then going from there. This is also a good way of opening up unique features for your character. The online play gives you some options you can either jump right in, try to find a game, or create your own. Before the patch that was recently released your chances of actually playing in one of these matches was very slim, but since the patch I haven't run into an experience of not making it into a game.

The problem with this game is this, once you've really played a couple of matches where you upgrade everything and have a long drawn out battle, you've basically experienced the game. Yes it is possible that next time you play there might be a slightly different mix of classes, but the end result is going to be the same. You're going to see a bunch of players flock to one area, there will be some sort of massacre, and then rinse and repeat. Yes, there are different game play modes, but the only difference is going to be the end objective. You're still going to experience the massacres. Yes to some this is entertaining, but I see this as shallow gameplay. If they want this level of constant bloodshed they should have given us more in the form of classes or level ups for said classes. The worker, gives you the collecting and gathering class is nothing more than a repair man. After about 10 minutes into the game all you're going to see him doing is throwing bombs because he's built everything. 

This game has a lot of potential and I can see getting some enjoyment out of it if I space out the times I play by a significant margin. My only hope is that the different additions that are, at this time, a rumor actually appear in a patch soon and give this game some much needed depth, but as of now this game really doesn't equal up to the experience that one can get from a game, such as Castle Crashers. Fat Princess, at this time, gets a 7.6 out of 10.


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