Beat the game in Easy or Normal mode:

  • Expand camera mode
  • Feel camera mode
  • Gallery
  • Ghost list
  • Mission Mode

Beat the game in Normal mode:

  • Accessories B, C, D and E(Sun Hats, Halloween Headgear, Fox Masks, Egyptian Headgear)
  • Alternate costumes(red/blue kimono, dark blue kimono)
  • Glasses for Mio
  • Hard Mode

Beat the game in Hard mode:

  • Alternate ending
  • True ending
  • Alternate costumes(short kimono, Yae & Sae kimono)
  • Album
  • Nightmare mode

Beat the game in Fatal mode:

  • Hellish Abyss ending
  • Alternate costumes(Bondage, pink and gold bikinis)

Beat the game in Nightmare mode:

  • Alternate ending
  • Promise ending
  • Alternate costumes(Leather)
  • Crush Lens
  • Development documents

Complete all missions in Mission mode:

  • Maid costume
  • Glasses for Mayu

Complete all missions in Mission mode with an "S" rank:

  • Two alternate costumes

Complete the Ghost List:

  • Set-up information

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