What's the worst video game fatality move ever?

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I think the worst one is in Primal Rage. One of the dinosaurs/mammals  jumps into the water - that's it. I think you're supposed to assume he/she poisons the water supply and someday the opposing character is supposed to drink it and die.

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Theres no such thing called a "bad Fatality"

Fatality = Awesome.
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best Fatality = Aerith
worst Fatality = EDITED OUT

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I didn't like quan chi's neck stretcher from Mortal Kombat: DA

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RandomHero666 said:

worst Fatality = Roman/Kate"
dont fucking post stuff like that . there are people who have not finished the game. LIKE ME
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Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

Babalities were just awful in the MK games.  Initially, they were pretty funny, but after a while... ugh.

yeah but thats why the topic specified fatalities as we all know babalaties and friendships sucked ass. The quan chi neck stretch one was abysmal. i have to vote for that primal rage one already mentioned as not only were most of them lame but they required retarded button combinations to do

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Worst Fatality?  I can best summarize it with a quotation:

"Boba Fett?  Boba Fett?  Where?" 

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Lemegeton - Sorry, thought we were talking finishers in general.  The aforementioned neck stretch is awful.  I also got annoyed with the acid bath arena fatality in one of the Mortal Kombats.  The fatality itself wasn't bad, but it was way overused back in my local arcade.
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There i edited it.
I was just answering the question though

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Best fatality:

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Worst fatality ever is anything done by Liu Kang.  Hopefully...they just permanently kill him off one day.

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Jax's giant foot stomp fatality in Mortal Kombat 3. Jax disappears, then apparently he grows to like 200 feet tall and his enormous foot steps on his opponent and crushes him. Totally stupid.

Honorable mention: Quan Chi's "neck stretch" fatality in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He jumps up onto his opponent's shoulders, grabs their head and pulls it up until their neck is like 5 feet long, then the opponent falls over. One of MKDA's coolest characters, and unfortunately he's plagued with this God-awful fatality.

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The worst fatalities were the Create-A-Fatality in MK: Armageddon.

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Damonation said:
"The worst fatalities were the Create-A-Fatality in MK: Armageddon."
Yeah, I'll vote for that one too.
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What was one possible create-a-fatality in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon?    
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@insouciant: Dude, bump much?
#17 Posted by insouciant (710 posts) -
Yeah, that's my thing.
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I can't really tell which one was definitely the worst as there were so many of them. But If I had to choose games with the funniest finishing moves I'd definitetly pick Timeslaughter, Xenophage, Tattoo Assassins, Ultra Vortek and maybe Time Killers + Battle Slave Fantasia.


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