The story (Spoilers).

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I haven't played this game yet (don't know if I will any time soon either), but I spoiled it for myself and watched some cut-scenes and read the wiki. Is it just me, or is it set up just to make fans angry? I mean, Becket gets blown to pieces after Fettel is done with his body. Maybe you can argue that Becket wasn't much of a character because he was a silent one all the way through two, but still. What the hell? And what did you think of the endings? Sorry, for posting about F.E.A.R. 3, since it's probably "old news" by now, but I haven't thought about the game until now. I figured I probably wasn't going to play it for a while, so I just ended up spoiling it for myself. Oh yeah, and Point-man's an ugly character; should have just kept his balaclava on.

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