Worst boss fight this year?

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I liked FEAR 3 quite a bit while playing it but I wonder if FEAR3 has perhaps the worst boss fight this year if not this generation, maybe I did something wrong I didn't check a guide or anything but hey it's a first person shooter your options are pretty limited I guess. Anyway I spent like 10 minutes or maybe even 15 didn't really clock it but it felt like 50 hours shooting this thing in the face constantly while strafing left then right then left then right, then stop take cover headshot 3 dudes pick up weapons rinse repeat. Did anyone else really hate the last boss or was it just me?

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I think all you need to do is shoot it 3 times when the mouth is open and showing the bright light, slo-mo helps at this point. I died numerous times during this fight and I didn't have a clue what was hurting me, I'll be full gunz blazing and then dead.

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Not bragging because I really disliked the game but I took this dude down in record time shoot the glowly purple spot, Freeze time shoot the 3 soldiers, dead in less than 30secs.

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I actually liked it quite a lot, it seemed pretty obvious that you needed to shoot the glowing section IMO. Although there was a couple of times where it didn't work, perhaps you just got really really unlucky.

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The boss fight was pretty simple to me.though that last level in general could have been much better. 

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It wasn't really a good boss, but not because it was particularly broken or hard. Shoot the glowing spot a few times, kill enemies, rinse, repeat.

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I don't even remember the last boss, I was so disappointed by this game. The ai for the most part was fun to fight against but thats not why I play fear games.

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