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At E3 2002, in Eidos Interactive's booth, stood a large wall with artwork from Fear Effect: Inferno including a trailer that looped throughout the entirety of the event.  This would be the only time the game was shown publicly. 

While Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix was a prequel to the original game, Inferno was intended to take place immediately following the first game.  From the little information that is known about the plot, Inferno assumes the player achieved the best ending from the first game, meaning that Jin's demons have been destroyed, Deke has been resurrected, and Glas' severed arm has been restored.  The trailer suggested that Hana has been captured by demons disguised as nurses and doctors, then held captive in some type of asylum.  It is believed that many "tests" were performed on her here, which resulted in various hallucinations, or flash forwards depending on your interpretation, seen in the trailer.  While the fate of the other main characters is unknown, it appears as though Deke was working from within the asylum to rescue Hana.  After the inevitable rescue, the four main heroes (Hana, Deke, Glas, and Hana's girlfriend Rain) must once again take on the remaining demons in Hell.  A love triangle between Hana, Rain, and Glas is also suggested.

The game was officially cancelled by EIdos in 2004.  Kronos attempted to shop the game to other publishers, but it was never picked up.

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