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A solid game with a few bumps here and there.

First of all, for any of you achievement hunters out there, I got 435 points for just for beating the game on normal(no guides or nothing of the sort)and if you really want easy achievements you can get the same amount of points by beating it on easy,but that's no fun now is it?

Some of the achievements are really difficult , like beating the game without letting your flash light die, beating the game with out dying, ect. So if you like a challenge then this one is it.

The story picks up where you left off at the ending of F.E.A.R. You are the silent, yet imperious general of your squad on a mission to neutralize paranormal forces.

My biggest disappointment with the game is the way they (the developers) handle the story. I actually had to go online and google it. It's a very good story it's just that the developers don't seem to flesh it out very well.

One of the immediate minor flaws of the game is that you can definitely tell it's a port. The controls and speed of the game feel very clunky at first but after about an hour or so, you'll get the hang of everything.

The gameplay itself is a blast. Whether your into being in slo mo, pulling off headshots or guns blazing and chucking grenades at everything you see, this game will satisfy your needs.

The difficulty is kind of annoying. It can go from Chukie Cheese fun and easy to "Dude I have two 7 foot tall robots with grenade launchers after me and I'm low on ammo." But for the most part, it's manageable.

And of course there is always that creepy "The Ring"-esque little girl Alma. The first expansion pack has a lot of horror elements in there so if you don't like that stuff, don't play the Extraction point campaign. The Perseus Mandate campaign focuses more on gun play and slightly touches on the whole "I just defecated in my pants", aspect of the game. I beat the game in a about roughly 8 hours spread over a two day period without rushing.

All in all, F.E.A.R is a good game with a few bumps that may alter your experience depending on how you play.

Posted by chamin1

I love the review, but what about the additional multiplayer content and stuff?

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