exists's F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon (Xbox 360) review

Top notch AI and addictive Multiplayer!

What was GIANT
AI > I started the game on Extreme since I tend to start games such as Call of Duty 2 and COD 3 on Veteran, and I quickly reverted back to medium difficulty due to the amazing AI that was seriously beating me up. Surely, getting used to the controls/aiming and SlowMo was part of the problem but still was pretty surprised how they keep coming at you and flank you, best I've seen to date.

Multiplayer > Multiplayer is a lot of fun, it's very addictive and fights can get real crazy on some maps, you will need some sharp reflexes.

Melee > Melee fighting options add to the game but are not always useful. Sneaking up is also hard even though there are so many dark areas, that would've given the game much more depth.

What BOMBed
Presentation > The graphics is below average for a game coming a year after the 360 release. Condemned looked way better except for the characters of course.

Maps > No map and having to run around in some places to look for an exit is sometimes a pain especially that environments are so similar with no obvious landmarks. At least show a map for places that were already visited.

Fear Factor > Definetely overrated, again Condemned is much scarier, I also think Doom 3 is even scarier than FEAR.

Story > The story is really boring and non-existent really, I was expecting a much better story and plot, you just feel that it was added at the last moment, needs serious work in future versions.

Achievements > Achievements are a pain, I felt no need to go back and play through the single player X number of times, it follows the Condemned model but it's even harder, you can't do it in 2 runs but need more than that.

Save > No save anywhere is always something I look for, checkpoints are ok and you can remove that option for Extreme difficulty but it's always a plus. You can make a game to be harder without limiting your save options.


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