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Feed Me Oil is a liquid-based puzzle game developed by HolyWaterGames and published by Chillingo for iOS devices (on June 2, 2011), Mac (on December 25, 2011), Windows Phone devices (co-published with Electronic Arts on April 30, 2012), Android devices (on July 3, 2012), and PlayStation Mobile (on July 26, 2013).

In each level, players use a pre-determined selection of tools (such as electric fans, magnets, circles of wind, reverse gravity switches, and blocks) to guide a continuous stream of oil (spewn from a broken pipe) into a specific destination (more specifically the "mouths" of a variety of strange static monsters). Similar to The Incredible Machine franchise, players can only place the tools prior to the physics starting up (and the oil flowing), and players are earned bonus points (and special stars) for completing a puzzle using less tools.

Along the way, they will encounter various obstacles to clear, such as switches (both one-press and continuous) which must be touched by oil and a requirement to paint oil using special bars at certain points of the level. Each level has a certain number of hints which, depending on the version, is either time-based or score-reducing.

There game features five worlds (chapters), each with 15 puzzles. The Windows Phone release featuring an exclusive sixth chapter that features no hints whatsoever.

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