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Looks Tasty
Festival Temple Castle is the third dungeon from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. This fortress is based around Japanese festivals with red and white striped patterns, giant drums, and upbeat music. The Peach Mountain Shoguns use this place to hide a barrier generator blocking passage to Kyushu. Two unique items can be found in the castle's sprawling design. The Kunai of Severe Cold for Sasuke and the Meat Saw-Hammer for Ebisumaru. The Kunai is required to beat the castle but the Meat Saw-Hammer is optional.

Interior Layout

The West Side
Unlike other castles in the game, Festival Temple is divided into wings instead of floors. The map screen splits the castle up into North, South, East, and West wings. Locked doors require multiple trips back and forth through each wing to find keys and key items to proceed. A handful of new, tougher enemies make an appearance in this area. Samurai armor, and tanks that look like meat buns take more than one hit to kill. Helicopter-like flying enemies often appear alongside them for a tougher fight.
Maze-like design and enemies are the primary obstacle of Festival Temple as puzzles are non-existent. Dozens of rooms and doors make getting lost easy so finding the map item (Mr. Elly Fant) becomes more important. Several areas of the castle have floating platforms that are on fire. The only way to cross is finding the Kunai of Severe Cold, a throwing projectile that freezes things, to put out the fire and make platforming safe. Another item called the Meat Saw-Hammer is an optional weapon for Ebisumaru that increase the chances of enemies dropping health after killing them. Tsurami, the boss of the castle, can be found after a big room with giant fish windsocks for elevators.


That's Her Name!
Defeating the boss brings out another Flake Gang member by the name of Sharon. She reveals that Tsurami was generating the barrier around Kyushu before Goemon and the other destroyed it. A few insults are thrown around before a Peach Mountain Shogun leader named Kitty Lily shows up via hologram. The barrier around Kyushu isn't needed anymore and Sharon is given the task to find some foundation for the Great Stage Plan.

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