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Festival Village is a town from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. It is a small village located in the northern region of japan among snow and mountains. The people here love to party every day of the year (except new years) to keep the chilly mountain air away and stay warm. The Peach Mountain Shoguns target the village to steal its food and store it in the Gourmet Submarine Castle hiding under the frozen sea of Japan.


Good Stuff Hidden in that Pond
The village has a few buildings including shops, inns and the fortune teller Plasma. One area has a small pond that Yae can swim in with her mermaid transformation to reach a hidden shop that sells rare gold armor. There is also the festival square where many of the villagers spend time partying to stay warm. Other than that it connects to Mt. Fear where a witch can commune with people thought to be dead.

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