Fez 2 cancelled because Phil Fish threw a tamper tantrum.

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I don't know Phil personally and only know what he is like through interviews, twitter and the Indie Game movie and i don't like to judge people when i don't know them but after learning that he is bi-polar (if what he said himself is true) it explains a whole hell of a lot.

The only advice i could give to someone like him is to learn how to filter yourself, make your twitter private and learn to ignore people. People are assholes and when you are famous/semi-famous, especially in the world of video games you are going to get A LOT of people who are just pieces of shit coming after you. Whether it be to troll you or just straight up hate you and you have to just ignore it. I know it's easier said than done but the easiest way to do it is to make your Twitter private, ignore forums etc.

It's sad to see him quit because i loved Fez and i, like many others were expecting him to do great things and i won't sit here and blame just the internet for it. Phil, get some help buddy. Go see a therapist, talk to someone. As someone who suffers from bi-polar i don't know what or who i would be today if it wasn't for my family, friends and having someone to talk to. Granted, the medicine also helps keep me in check.

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Isn't Phil legitimately Bipolar? If not, he's acting like a little bitch.

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Phil's Twitter seems to be up again. I'm sure the haters will flock to it soon enough.

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@jonnyboy: Let me throw a hypothetical at you let's say Phil really liked kicking puppies in his free time? Should we just ignore it because he made a great game, are you saying that as long as the art is great why should we care what kind of person making it?

Kicking puppies is a criminal and immoral act, Fish is a arse, but he's a law abiding arse.

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