Am I at the crazytown part of Fez?

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Hey everyone, so I've been trying to keep away from puzzle hints as long as possible but I'm at a point where I am stuck and unsure of what to do.

Currently I have 20 cubes, one of which is an anticube. I've scoured the map for the cube and cubit symbols but failing to find any. Am I at the point in the game where I have to start doing crazy deciphering or am I missing something simple to reaching the 32 cubes necessary?

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it =)

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Do not stop exploring. Maybe listen to a podcast or something, but keep raking through areas you think might have doors, or places where you can see (but are not entirely sure how to access) doors or chests. 20 cubes and only 1 anticube do not yet warrant any real thought investment yet. Beat feet.

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I found 31 cubes and about 6 anti cubes before I "beat the game" for the first time. You are not at the crazy part yet. You are at the part where you need to find doors in areas that have blank blocks on the map. Going by your cube count it sounds like you have 1 or 2 major areas that you haven't discovered yet. None of it requires any puzzles to work out. You just have to rotate the world and check to make sure you don't have any closed doors. My suggest is to check the tree warp area (early part in the game) that leads to 5 major areas.

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No, you are ways off from anything crazy. Keep exploring. There are doors that can be hard to find which lead to massive new areas where new cubes are easy to find.

Also, a good number of the anti-cubes don't require too much deciphering or crazy-thought. Keep exploring, just more thoroughly.

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Thanks guys! I'll go back and recheck everything

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That's actually about where I got. Then I decided to say "fuck it" and cheated. I already knew about a couple of things beforehand but hadn't figured out how they worked into the game. Even knowing these things hasn't really helped me a long much tho. I'm finding trying to get through the world of Fez to be frustrating... getting from area to area. Fez apparently isn't for me.

The owls still confuse me.

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I'm up to like 38 cubes and not checked online at all yet. Pretty great game! I figured out the controller input stuff and it was sweeeeeet!

Have you figured out how to read the map yet? Go in all the empty rooms you haven't bin in.

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I found 58 cubes on my first run through, pretty much with no online.

You need to go back to areas with ?'s on them. Also you can easily get 31 cubes just from the cube bits and warp gates with cubes on them... If you look on the map and it shows an area has another area connected to it, you can probably get there with little no no puzzle solving other than jumping...

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