Clock Room and System Time Issue

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Hello - I didn't want to clutter up the monolith discussion with this q. So I understand the premise of the clock room (red, blue, green, white clock hands) and have gotten all but the white.

Whenever I try to set my system clock (not being signed in to Xbox Live) and I go into Fez, it says that I cannot continue my save because I need to unlock the full version...and that can only be done while connected to Xbox Live.

Is this a killer loop and I'm just SOL or is there a way to deal with this? Thanks for any help - this is the last anticube that I need before the monolith completely takes over my life....

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Are you using a different xbox than the one you originally installed Fez on? When xbla games are moved to a different system you can only play the full version when connected to live. If that's your problem you either need to go back to your original xbox, or do it the hard way.

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Gotcha - yea I'm using another one. Thanks for your help!!!!!

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