Crazy stuff is going down on Fez subreddit

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Are you saying there are still things people haven't figured out in Fez?

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I'm not sure, this guy may be trying to help us figure out the real monolith solution or give meaning to the pieces of hearts. Or it could be a Fez II ARG thing (though that was cancelled, so I don't know).

Apparently it's not Phil Fish though.

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Man, this game is just the gift that keeps on giving! But seriously, I always thought the metagame for Fez was interesting, but I wasn't there as part of the initial zeitgeist. I'll probably run through some forums posted around release to see what went down with everyone working together, it sounds fascinating.

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Goddammit. I don't have my Fez save on Xbox anymore (hard drive crashed a while back), and I haven't even touched it on PC yet (despite owning it since it launched on there).

Looks like I've got some work to do to get back to this point.

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Yeah, it's insane. I got into the game when the PC version came out so I missed the community aspect where everyone was solving the in game puzzles. But now all this other stuff is happening that is really exciting as well.

There have been a few other "characters" posting cryptic things on that subreddit but nothing like this so far.

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Here's an example of where this is going:

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Fez puzzles would be a lot better if they were a bit more logic based in my opinion. That game is clever as heck but mostly in retrospect. Like the alphabet puzzle is really clever, but you have to break the 4th wall to solve it which is not something you typically do.

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@ross226 said:

Here's an example of where this is going:

That image doesn't seem to work anymore. Can you tell me what it was?

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@leebmx said:

@ross226 said:

Here's an example of where this is going:

That image doesn't seem to work anymore. Can you tell me what it was?

Hmm, it works for me if I copy and paste it in my address bar.

It's one of Zu people but with 6 eyes wearing a fez but covered in QR code like patterns.

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@leebmx said:

@ross226 said:

Here's an example of where this is going:

That image doesn't seem to work anymore. Can you tell me what it was?

Hmm, it works for me if I copy and paste it in my address bar.

It's one of Zu people but with 6 eyes wearing a fez but covered in QR code like patterns.

WTF? This game is nutsville...

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I hear if you get Gomez to stand near the lighthouse on the first screen and do 3 uppercuts and then press backwards and B, you unlock Ermac. On a serious note, I don't really know that any of this is real, but it's sure nuts.

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Nothing about this is official though. This could just be some guy messing with us and trying to be cryptic. It's fun nonetheless.

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Someone has to summarise this cos' it seems to be a giant mind fuck.

Also listen to this whilst reading the comments

Loading Video...

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@ross226 said:

Here's an example of where this is going:

Shit is getting way more real than it did before. What the fuck is going on right now?

For those who are not in-the-know, a little bit of backstory:

When Fez was released, everyone expected it to be this little cute indie platformer. No combat, just exploration. However, as you move along, you learn that the puzzles are much deeper than you originally believed. There were QR codes on the walls and shit that you could scan with your phone or whatever, and it would lead to clues (ARG-type stuff, if you will). Then there was the discovery of the two main languages used within the world of Fez. People had to make ciphers...FUCKING CIPHERS. It's actually easy and right in front of your face if you remember basic linguistic stuff you are taught in high school English.

Anyways, people found all the cubes and anti-cubes. Whatever, that shit is, like, no big deal at all, right? However, as people were winding down, there was this "final" puzzle that was staring everyone in the face: the monolith. It took a few weeks (IIRC), but eventually, it seemed like that was solved and everything was done with Fez. There were still some dedicated folks that believed there was more, but for the most part, the game was completed for people.

HOWEVER, when the announcement for the PC version came out, Phil cryptically let out that there were still more things that people hadn't found yet. Some people thought it was a ploy or something, but sure as shit, a little extra digging in the console versions revealed that there was some crazy shit going on with different programming languages and other things in the game.

Eventually, you have what you find on the subreddit now. To those who haven't followed Fez for long, it basically just looks like a bunch of chicken scrawl of madmen. However, it just goes to show the depth of all the shit that Phil put into this game, the dedication.

Now, with this guy/these people throwing out these new "gifts," it's opening shit up WAAAAAY more than we ever knew. Personally, I know I'm going to be looking at that picture tonight, dissecting it, and trying to find every viable QR code within it until someone has figured it out, and then where that leads will ultimately be some other hairbrained mystery to solve.

THIS is why Fez is one of the greatest games ever made. If you choose to do so, it will lead you on endless trails of insanity.

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@jakob187: Well said. Though the monolith puzzle was solved by brute force, some people are still trying to derive the solution from the game.

If you do find something please post it in that thread on reddit!

One QR code has been found, the most obvious one on the body. It says:


after being decrypted (Most of the encryption is just a Caesar cipher)

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So basically Fez is the The Crying of Lot 49 of video games.

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Ugh I should play more of this game.

Also I don't fucking understand reddit. how do you navigate that stupid damn website.

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Only a man of pure brilliance or sheer madness can create something that goes this far deep. How far does the rabbit hole go and when you reach the end of it, are you the same person looking back?

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Sounds like a higher being cause a volcano to erupt. But we would have seen wall drawings of this depicted somewhere in the game if that was the case.

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