Do I need a QR Code Reader?

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Do I need some sort of QR Code reader in order to beat this game? Like a smart phone app or something?

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There are alternative solutions to those puzzles.

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ok thats encouraging them. I definitely want to give this game a try.

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@liako21: There are parts where using a QR reader is the obvious choice. Just download one of the hundreds of free QR apps and you will be fine.

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If you are playing on PC you can just take a screenshot, crop out the QR code and run it through an online reader. That is assuming you have no other ways to read them.

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I didn't try the QR code puzzles because I don't have a phone before 2005. Those puzzles didn't get in my way from beating the game. You might want to, if it's what your interested in discovering. The "real" game is a rabbit hole of nerdy message board talk about deciphering code.

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Ive managed to not read much of the spoiler talk surrounding FEZ, but then i heard someone during one of the GDC videos say something about FEZ and QR codes. I then thought to is that what the secret is? download a damn QR reader? lol but luckily that doesnt seem to be the case.

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No. I got everything (or at least everything you need for all the Achievements) and I use a flip phone that I have had since 2009 (ie, no QR code reader).

What version are you going to play?

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