Fez Coming to the PCs on May 1

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#151 Posted by enemymouse (336 posts) -

People evolve and adapt. As a result there is now a PC version of Fez.

Your hurt feelings about words this guy said ages ago are worth literally nothing.

#152 Posted by Wuddel (2099 posts) -

Finally! I am psyched!

#153 Posted by TranceQuina (150 posts) -

This is really nice news for me. Really wanted to play this.

#154 Edited by tamriilin (102 posts) -


WTF this made me WAY more excited than it should.

#155 Edited by KirkDouglas (98 posts) -

Having played this game already, I still fail to see the appeal. "It insists upon itself" sums up my feelings on it succinctly.

#156 Edited by Rox360 (1077 posts) -

@krabonq said:

NOBODY should buy this.

The hipster piece of shit dev does not deserve our PC-gamer money.

He initially said PCs are not for gaming and only good for Excel tables. He also said Japanese games suck.

But I wouldn't expect Patrick to know such things or just sweep it under the rug, anyway.

I'm going to buy it because I want to play it.

Now what? Huh?

#157 Edited by Aarglefarg (25 posts) -

It would have been good if the Linux version plans mentioned in the AMA were mentioned in the article too. It's becoming more relevant as a platform as far as reporting in gaming sites goes. :)

#158 Edited by Renachan (137 posts) -

<p>Until Fish is also a homophobic asshole who funds horrible things with his profits, I'd put him closer to Tom Crews than Card. Fish can keep being an idiot who I'll just ignore the comments of, as long as he keeps making fun games.</p><p>I'll grab this on Vita if I can, otherwise PC will be nice for the fullscreen expereince. Either way happy for the chance to play.</p>

#159 Posted by LarryDavis (1192 posts) -

Good news, crossing this off my PC-port wish list. Next item on the agenda is Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Looks like you can cross that one off too, now. I'M HYPE

#160 Posted by mithhunter55 (621 posts) -

Finally! :D

Glad to hear that he is feeling better.

#161 Edited by FistGrenade (8 posts) -

I don't know anything about it's creator. All I know is it's very pretty but I found myself looking for what to do and getting bored rather quickly. I have a feeling it's made to be enjoyed by very chill people who do not fall asleep easily.

#162 Edited by connerthekewlkid (1849 posts) -

Would anyone like to mention the part where he said 3D is a gimmick and nintendo handhelds are all terrible?

Then when when Destructiod reported on it he called them terrible journalists?


Well I guess I will

This was 3 days ago by the way

#163 Edited by mithhunter55 (621 posts) -

@kidikd said:

All I can think about (other than those undiscovered secrets) is how the puzzles that use vibration will work...a lot of Fez's design seemed pretty 360- or at least console-specific

Well I will definitely be playing it with a controller. I didn't know it had vibration tied in with puzzles. Perhaps screen shake effect for the players using keyboard.

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