Fez PC newcomers assemble!!!

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This game is not complete without a controller.

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Just got the 32 cubes with 26 regular cubes and 6 anticubes. The real Fez starts here I guess......

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Btw, I just finished the game with 31 cubes, 7 cube shards, 19 anti-cubes, 3 artifacts and all the maps. I don't know if I should've because there's still a lot of sh*t I don't understand... well I started a new game+ now.

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@luigi8922: @bogusdd: I avoided everything as well. I will have to pick up a copy... but considering the game we are talking about... i probably have ample time to play catch up. Lets all promise to not use any walkthroughs of any kind

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WellI I just finished it... I think? I feel like I missed out a lot of stuff, time for NG+ I suppose!

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Keep it up, yall! You'll reach that magic percentage in no time!

And hey, I imagine the PC version may even have some surprises... Seems like something Fish would do.

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@pollysmps: Congrats on your spoilerific completion of the game! So, you figured out the numbers and the language? And beat New Game+? Did you have glasses around to appreciate the first town in future vision when you started a third game? :D

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I'm brand new to Fez: Avoided reading about it hearing anything about it aside from the Bombcast. I really like bits of it: It looks great, sounds great and controls pretty well with both gamepad or keyboard.

What I really don't like is the obtuseness of the puzzles. It's rather ridiculous how little information Fez gives you to solve these puzzles; I can only imagine what a nightmare it was for 360 players when everyone was having to work it out originally. Sometimes I'm not even sure what is a puzzle in the first place.

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@pollysmps: Well done. I remember doing it, and it's quite a good feeling. And the total experience was better and longer than I expected. After I learned the alphabet, I even translated every line of dialogue in the game. ha. How did you personally figure out the numbers? Do you understand the number system and why the symbols are as they are? I really like this one image that shows how the numbers are broken down.

It is really cool how the game makes you rethink your surroundings, revealing more as time goes on. To me, that seems to be the main point of the game. Looking past the surface and thinking about the world around you from different angles, revealing a better understanding of what actually is.

haha. This thread is starting to look like a redacted government document.

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@gbrading said:
Sometimes I'm not even sure what is a puzzle in the first place.

I think that's actually one of the big messages of the game. Looking at the world around you, uncertain about what is and isn't a puzzle, and then trying to figure out how it all makes sense.

You've beaten the game? Because the last third of the experience really seems to focus on that fact.

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Does the game ever show you what the symbols mean and in what way you should use them? or do you have to figure it out by yourself?

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@tobbrobb said:

@i_smell:What about the anti-cubes? :P

Yeah the anti-cubes is what I'm talking about.

I didn't figure out what any of the text meant until I was at like 61 cubes.

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I'm with you guys!

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So I have gone and done apparently as much as I can and I have less than 32 cubes+ anticubes (don't know how many exactly, but I think it's around 30). Every single room and island has a golden box, except for the ones with a question mark. Are you able to do the ones with a question mark without first knowing the cypher? I can't figure out what else to do.

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I really hope you PC duders figure out the black monolith puzzle. It really annoyed me that it had to be brute forced. Maybe that was what Phil wanted but I feel like there was more to that one.

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@planetfunksquad: Ya this bugged me too. Plus Phil said there are still things undiscovered in the game.

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@pollysmps: Did any one figure out what was up with the images in the audio files? I would hope he didn't just put random pictures in there.

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@haltiamreptar: Quite a bit of the ? puzzles don't require knowledge of the cypher. I've only learned the tetris directions For the longest time I just forgot that I could interact with things in the world! Your floating guide thing will typically help out and show you what you can interact with.

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Phil Fish comes off as a bit of a dick

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Wasn't there also an unsolved mystery involving concentric rings on the ground in first person mode? I seem to recall like 7 were found and there was probably an 8th somewhere.

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Maan, how the hell do you decipher this numerical code, it's like, impossible to me ): I got how it works from 0 to 4 but I can't find a pattern on the rest that makes sense, I mean, I've tried some of my theories but none of them worked. And for the alphabet I just have no clue where to begin with. Man wth...

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1-4 are basically the platform for the other numbers. I used one of the bells to understand it. I still have no idea about the alphabet, though.

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I never got the xbox version until a few months ago and haven't played in ages. I don't think I got that far, the reason I haven't played it in ages is that there's a glitch that won't let me load my save. It keeps freezing and crashing, now even when I start a new game. :(

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@alanm26v5: I think it's worth noting that some things in the game may still be remnants of puzzles that were removed. That's common in most videogames(a recent Eurogamer article on Shadow of the Colossus illustrates this well); though, in a game where you try to figure out every last thing and see puzzles where there sometimes aren't ones, it can be difficult to tell the difference. I remember the circles people noticed, and I think a few first person puzzles are likely just incomplete mysteries.

Though, Fish has said there are still one or two mysteries unsolved; so, who knows? My official feeling on that is that he's just misleading people on that, as well he should. It's more fun to imagine there is more to find.

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Thinking you've got a puzzle worked out and it then not working is the worst.

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I think I figured it out!!! But I don't know how to test it... Is the bell supposed to do something, or is it just so you can differentiate the notes?

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@pollysmps: Well... I was able to solve the puzzle on that room in the first town, with the tetris blocks on the walls and a number in each. But nothing on the bell yet...

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@pollysmps: Well... I was able to solve the puzzle on that room in the first town, with the tetris blocks on the walls and a number in each. But nothing on the bell yet...

If you solved the boiler room puzzle by randomly doing things then you lost one big confirmation check on the number system.

The path to figuring out the numbers can be found in finding out the first few digits. I know of two ways that the game provides actual in game confirmation that you understand the first few numbers. After that the boiler room confirms a few more. The bell is the final test of breaking the numbers code. At the very least that's how I did it.

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@golguin: I had the numbers figured out when I tried to solve the boiler room puzzle, that served as a confirmation, I just couldn't really get what to do with the bell. Anyways, I solved it now, and am feeling like and idiot, lol. Now there's only twelve rooms with unsolved puzzles.

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Encountering what i think is a glitch, wanted to see if anyone else ran into this problem. In the area with the waterfall mouth, i opened the hidden door in the wall first and now can't get the waterfall to open. have tried may times using L LT R RT U A D RT RT to no avail. Anyone else have this issue, or am i just messing up the code?

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So... I now have 206%... how am I supposed to solve this monolith thing?

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So I'm right at the beginning of NG+ does someone wanna give me a little nudge in the right direction? I don't really know what to do except try and find cubes.

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@virgatespy: No one has solved it legitimately yet. You need to just look up the brute forced solution if you want to complete it, or wait until people discover how it was actually supposed to be solved.

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