Fez PC newcomers assemble!!!

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#101 Posted by VirgateSpy (17 posts) -

@mirado: Woow, that sounds quite like a stupid puzzle.

#102 Edited by Mirado (993 posts) -

@virgatespy: There's a lot of debate on if the solution is something staring us in the face, something obtuse (but in the game), or something outside of the game itself.

Either way, I can't tell if it's brilliant or idiotic. I guess it depends on how it's implemented. People are starting to tear apart the game code now that it's on PC to see if there's some indication on how we were supposed to go about doing it.

I'm being real careful about the spoilers as I want people to reach that point in the game and come to their own conclusions before realizing what we know about it.

#103 Posted by Korwin (2849 posts) -

Finished play through 1 yesterday, still working on the number system...

#104 Edited by VirgateSpy (17 posts) -

I've read that the devs said something like "it's almost impossible", so I don't think the solution is staring at us. The solution to the "What's my name?" puzzle wasn't trivial, nor was the blinking dots in the observatory one.

#105 Posted by Korwin (2849 posts) -

Alright number system down... that took way longer than I would have thought.

#106 Posted by supamon (1333 posts) -

Go guys go! Open your minds and embrace the tesseract!

*insert enlightenment GIF here*

#107 Edited by VirgateSpy (17 posts) -

I'm kinda tired to reproduce all my line of thought here but I think the answer to the Monolith has something to do with fractal, since the 4 concentric squares are in the Fractal room, fractal is a 7 letter word (the number of inputs made to solve the monolith, wich was odd since all the other puzzles were mostly 8 inputs), and there are a lot of fractal representations in this game (isn't the symbol on the ground of the monolith room a fractal too?). So... yeah... it's late.

#108 Posted by TruthTellah (8826 posts) -

@virgatespy: I like your line of thinking on it. Keep it up! :)

#109 Posted by probablytuna (3621 posts) -

Man I am not looking forward to deciphering those secrets.. Never been good at solving puzzles.

#110 Posted by VirgateSpy (17 posts) -

On a completely different note, today's class gave me a completely different idea. What if the solution to the puzzle is somehow related to hardware? I know it's just a wild guess but something about the shapes of things in the examples triggered something in my head, and the thought has been hanging there until now. It would also fit the theme of "the space outside of space" and that the answer can't be found inside the game, so if the space containing the game would be the hardware that stores the bits and whatnot, and I think the answer wouldn't be hidden too far away from the game as we might think. Just thought I should post this here, since I haven't seen anyone mention anything like it yet and it looks like a possibility to me, and in case any of you want to delve deeper with this. I may create an account on gamefaqs to post this, just tell me if I'm not going completely crazy. xD

#111 Posted by VirgateSpy (17 posts) -

Also, sorry for changing between theories like this, but I just remembered another really important fact that reinforces my Fractal theory. On the gamefaq board about the monolith, while Treyher was trying to reverse solve the puzzle, based on the answer, he posted asking if any of the words we came up with that we thought were somehow related to the monolith had the first two letters represented by rotations of the same symbol, F and R are represented by the same symbol rotated in opposite ways.

#112 Posted by alexpiercey (5 posts) -

I'm having fun reading this after having beat the game on Xbox already. Keep going guys!

#113 Posted by envane (1162 posts) -

anyone know a online qr-code reader where i could upload a screenshot and have it scan form that ? , i want to solve these puzzles legit but dont have a damn phone or capable device ... dammit .. i need to knoooow

#114 Posted by TerraTempest (19 posts) -

@envane: The qr-code is an optional solution, there is more than one way to get that specific cube.

#115 Posted by Bollard (5447 posts) -

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/945079-fez/66110193 - THIS is a VERY interesting find.

Well, shiiit. Man FEZ is such an awesome game, love that stuff like this can still be found. Now where did those pieces go... I would go do this on my Xbox save but I'm pretty sure if I download the update it'll be corrupted. Haven't played since the patches started. And it sucks too cause my completion % bugged out shortly after 100%, despite having done everything.

#116 Posted by BonzoPongo (111 posts) -

Does the text get translated in game at some point? By that I mean are you seeing English?

#117 Edited by scratch17 (1 posts) -

This may be my apophenia talking, but FEZ kinda makes that condition work overtime, but regarding the Fractal / Totem room and the fact that you can't rotate the room freely... Can the owls have anything to do with it? Since the 4 owls perching on the first own statue in the cemetery world made the own stop turning, could they somehow be used to make the totem rotate freely? It looks like the totem has enough room on top to support 4 owls perching. Also, maybe the Skull artifact could work into the equation, since the giant skull in the cemetery world also rotated freely until you turned the headstones.

This is all just speculation, of course, but it might be something to go on. Ever since the counting and letter cube's involvement in the heart disintegration thing recently, I'm starting to think the artifacts are not as useless physically as I initially thought.

#118 Edited by probablytuna (3621 posts) -

Ok so I started a New Game Plus 2 and now levels I'm visiting have strange visual effects going on and there's some levels I can't even navigate because of this. Any idea on how to resolve this? Do I need some special artifact or solve some puzzle? Have I screwed up my playthrough of the game by not solving all the puzzles/collected all the cubes beforehand? Please help!

Edit: Ok, after reloading the game, the visual effects have disappeared. I guess it was a glitch? I can't tell if it's intentional or not though given how the glitch effect is a recurring theme.

#119 Edited by mlarrabee (2927 posts) -

So, I'm just starting for the first time (on the Xbox, I'm in the wrong neighborhood, please don't beat me up) and I'm wondering if I should be copying the cube's dialog glyphs into my notebook. Yes, I literally just started. I've unintentionally avoided all spoilers, but I have heard so many stories of people filling notepads with glyphs and notations, Sherlock Holmes' Dancing Men-style. Should I be taking down everything, or should I wait until I naturally start to question the nature of the world?

#121 Posted by TruthTellah (8826 posts) -

@mlarrabee: Wait. You'll get to that later. For now, just focus on solving puzzles and getting cubes. Then you'll try to get the number system. -Then-, the alphabet and broader nature of the world.

#123 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Okay, I cheated on the heart pieces but I legitimately got all the cubes. And my reward is a shitty ripoff of the Men In Black movie's ending? Thanks, Phil. I can see how you're really pushing boundaries,.

#125 Edited by GunslingerPanda (4712 posts) -

Playing on PC. This game makes me feel dumb. Ten hours in and I haven't figured out a thing about the alphabet.

I have a minor spoilery question: I've been through a 32 cube door, but I seem to remember that there was another one some where. Do they lead to different places/endings/whatever the fuck that shit was?

Only thing that bothers me about this game is accidentally solving puzzles. That happened to me in the telescope room but I have no idea what I did and got a red cube with a section missing from it. The room is still marked as incomplete so it's a bit of a bummer that I don't know the next step as I didn't even really figure out the first step.

#126 Edited by Abendlaender (2789 posts) -

So, since the game is on sale on GoG I thought I might pick it up. I just started probably an hour ago and err....I don't like it so far. Not really. Plattforming is extremly dull and unsatisfying up to this point (I guess Fez veterans are now pointing at me and going "Pfff...he doesn't know yet hrhr" cause I remember Jeff sayng something about this on the bombcast) and I'm really bored.

So let's cut the chit-chat: How long until the game "get's going"? I'm not expecting the game to turn into a FPS or something but after all the talk about I guess there is a point when something happens or you discover something that changes something (or something like this), right? I collected 7 cubes by now but I'm seriously considering uninstalling the game at this point. I know this game is beloved by many and I'm probably just to stupid to "get it" and I don't wish to insult anybody but I don't feel it up to now.

Just to prevent the "Hey, idiot go back to Call of Duty!" stuff, I do enjoy puzzle games, I played the shit out of Antichamber but Fez...I dunno I guess it's the plattforming that really kills the game for me at the moment.

#127 Edited by killacam (1284 posts) -

@abendlaender: yeah.. the thing about fez is it's all about taking your time to just absorb the world. it kind of moves at your own pace, and by taking in all these environmental details you come to slowly understand not just how to solve more and more puzzles but you get more of an idea as to which areas even contain puzzles. nothing is ever telegraphed to you, so there isn't some big story twist... but depending on how deeply you invest yourself you will have your mind blown many a time.

#128 Posted by jmcoutinho (1 posts) -

@truthtellah said:

@fengshuigod said:

@truthtellah said:

@fengshuigod said:

@truthtellah said:

@fengshuigod said:

How do you enlarge the maps you have in your inventory?

You should just be able to move your cursor over the "map" and click it to make it a little bigger on the screen. They don't zoom in very much, as that's not the point of them. You can see enough just from clicking them and making them a little bigger.

Right, but how do I "click" it? All I can do is highlight an item with the arrow keys, but I don't know what to do from there. I've tried every button listed in the controls, but I can't bring up the map in greater detail. Glitch maybe?

Are you using a controller or keyboard? On the controller, it should be the normal action button on it. Though, maybe you just needed to restart the game program and see if it was working. I don't remember the exact button of it, but it's just a click. I've not heard of this ever being a bug.

Keyboard. I really need to pick up a controller one of these days. I guess the action button is left control, but it doesn't seem to work. Hmm...

Might have to look up a faq of all the maps so I can see them.

I heard you can actually use the mouse in the menus even though its really slow. Maybe you can use that to select it and click? Seems odd.

Though, yes, all of the maps are online. It's best if you can analyze them yourself. Someone else here must be able to tell you what button they click to look at them on PC.

You can use the mouse in the menus, but not when you bring up the purple cube which houses your records on cubes, anti cubes, maps, and artifacts. I'm fairly certain Lcontrol should do it, but it doesn't do anything. Pretty sure I have a glitch. I've reinstalled, verified files, and so on. The action button does everything else it's supposed to, like picking up bombs, turning pivots, ect, but it seems busted w/r/t my inventory.

I'm having this same problem... does anyone have a solution yet?

#129 Edited by ep712 (1 posts) -

@jmcoutinho: To anyone having the MAP problem, I'm playing it on my mac from steam. If i select with the arrow keys and press SPACE i can look at the pieces in my inventory close up. Hope this helps!

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