Fez Soundtrack releasing April 20th on Bandcamp

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Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/04/10/listen-to-the-fez-soundtrack-now-for-3-dimensions-of-audible-awe/

Store: http://disasterpeace.com/album/fez

Regardless of all the controversy that surrounds the game's developer, this will be a great relaxing game to play for many that have been waiting so long. Thankfully, you can also purchase the soundtrack to the game as well soon, which features what I will personally claim as some of the best music of the year if not the best. It's 8-bit chiptunes but done so differently and so calmly that it's something I would love listening to over and over again.

Let's just hope the game also plays well, but for anyone interested in purchasing the music, well here it is on Bandcamp. Apparently you can also purchase it right now on Spotify, though I'm personally trying to minimize the amount of music store applications I want to handle in my computer (just a preference). I can wait a few more days for FLAC quality FEZ via Bandcamp.

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