Google goggles (app) for translations

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I've started adding the text translations to google goggles (app). Is pretty nice to use the continuous mode and see the translations appear in near real-time. I've added the ones from the towns.

Thought maybe someone would find it neat/useful and/or want to contribute with other parts of the game. Anyway let me know if it works for you, for me it seems fine.

PS: For adding entries I think it works best if you use the cropping feature before taking the picture. Even if you select the text area afterwards it still saves and uses the whole picture and that can screw the search.

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Are you saying you can use the Google Goggles app to translate the text in Fez?

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Yes it does, I've uploaded most of the translations. It works pretty well, specially in continuous mode. You need to be somewhat close to the screen but beats manual translation. I've done all the texts I've encountered.

I've wanted to see if anyone wanted to try it out.

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That sounds pretty sick. To bad I already beat it.

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You are the fucking man. I did want to sit there and write out every conversation there was in the game

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