Hit 209.4%... Did I miss something? (Spoilers, but barely)

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Spoilers, kinda. Just describing what happens after you find after you find all collectibles...

Or rather what doesn't happen.

Not bashing the game. I loved trying to get all of the collectables (that we know of). Other than brute forcing the Monolith puzzle, it's been a gratifying cerebral struggle the whole way.

I'm just let down that there seems to be no "true" ending after getting the last collectable. I access the 64 cube room...then I'm in a room with 3 heart cubes floating together as one big heart, and that's it. No ending sequence, no closure at all. I'm just left to turn off the game when I'm tired of waiting for something to happen.

Where's the payoff? Did I miss something? This leads me to believe that there's more to the game, and the community just hasn't found it yet. Is it possible that there are even more heart containers and it's meant to form a giant red cube? Just grasping for ideas.

If this is all there is... well I guess S-ranking the game is pretty good too. I never care enough to S-rank a game except Pac Man CE DX, which took no effort. So now I have another. Cool.

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You know what we know. Recent interview with the programmer suggest Polytron is happy to remain coy about the games open mysteries. Frankly I imagine there is something else in there, but like the monolith puzzle I think it isn't conveyed at all and would require an absurd commitment to the game to discover. While I've made peace with the Monolith puzzle (I think its clear they wanted it to go the way it did), I've got no energy to explore it anymore.

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