I can't decide if this is really great or really annoying

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FEZ SPOILERS! All of em.

I got 60 cubes by myself without learning to read words or numbers. I felt like I'd definately missed a room or secret somewhere. So every time I pushed a bookcase open or found a secret door I was like OH OF COURSE IT WAS IN THE LIBRARY, HAR HAR!! but then it always just turned out to be another cube...

So I finally gave up and looked online, and it was just next to a fucking dog in some random forest? How was--...

There are frogs and birds n shit all over the damn place! I studied all the classrooms and wall-carvings and learned about the aliens, and the evolution of these pillow-headed guys and all that stuff looking for a giant lexicon room, and it turns out I should've bin looking at THE LAZY DOG!

and then even when you've got it, all it decodes is jibberish. I was thinking about how Gomez comes from a 2D town, and he discovers the 3D cube, and why is he being guided around by a 4D cube? Is the new evolution of the pillow-dudes about to skip a generation? Does the 4th dimension being time have anything to do with that future-city? What's the story with Geezer? Is there something symbollic about the heavy theme of perspective? or dimensions? Nope! The Hexahedron just kinda talks bollocks. And then they solved the monolith and turns out it was just a heart piece, so that's nice.

So I was really annoyed about it... but then about 6 hours later I thought... It's sort of cool that the key to unlocking all secrets of the universe was a 12x5 animated gif of a fox. And it's funny that there is no giant amazing perfect ending, the people all just talk nonsense.

So I guess I'll just leave it there. I don't know if Fez was more a funny anti-climax or a total letdown. That musical level was cool though, so I guess I can always just remember that.

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It's annoying only if you are OCD like Vinny and have to complete it all. This game isn't hard or long if you just want to beait and try to get as much extra stuff without going into the crazy meta stuff.

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Yah, the crazy conspiracy theorist side of my brain still thinks there is some huge secret about the game which is so well-hidden that even now no one has found it out. Did anyone ever figure out what the images hidden in the soundtrack were all about?

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It depends on whether you have low or high standards.

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