I may have glitched Fez...

#1 Posted by TwoLines (2811 posts) -

So, I collected the anti-cube in the clock stage while falling.

The fall killed me, but I did collect the cube, the music played, and there was a close up on Gomez's dead body. I didn't keep track of how much cubes I've had, so I don't know if it counted. I teleported back to one of the hubs (the clock stage has a teleport up top), and the anti-cube was floating in the air in that stage. I collected it... again, and it did count that time for sure. The problem is, I still have a question mark on the clock stage, even though I collected the anti-cube there, and I feel I did all there is to do there.

So... uhh... am I still able to get "get all the collectibles" achievement?

#2 Posted by Ramone (2966 posts) -

There's 3 other cubes to get

#3 Posted by TwoLines (2811 posts) -

@Ramone said:

There's 3 other cubes to get

Welp, that's good to hear. Thanks!

#4 Posted by TwoLines (2811 posts) -


I did glitch Fez. I got all the achievements, but did NOT get the secret ending. I've had 65 cubes at the end.

So, pro-tip for all of you Fezzers out there, do not jump on the cubes from a platform, if you die, you'll glitch the game.

#5 Posted by kerse (2114 posts) -

I had my system off for the clock stuff and ended up finishing all the rest of the puzzles offline and my percentage is stuck at 178% with everything gold, is that ever gonna update or did I just break it? Not a big deal though I guess.

#6 Posted by thellama042 (109 posts) -

Anything completed while offline doesn't count toward your leaderboard percentage, even when you go back online. They've actually stated that, I believe. Somebody had the source in the 'Official puzzle hint' thread.

#7 Posted by Linkster7 (1025 posts) -

@TwoLines: Fuck. I did the exact same thing. So should I just keep going or is it worth it to retry, assuming my game is in fact also glitched? Secret ending worth getting ?

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