Is This A Bug? (Minor Spoilers But Not Really)

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I've managed to do this twice in different rooms so the location is unimportant. Sometimes when I hold A and Up, Gomez flies. It doesn't work very often. This game is so weird I think maybe it's not even a bug?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the point in which I jumped on the video. Has anyone encountered something like this before? Did I unlock flying without knowing it or something? Or is it just a bug?

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It's a cheat code:

Press up 4 times and jump.

It's useful for getting around once you have beaten the game but obviously don't spoil your time by doing it in new areas.

You never find out how to do it through playing but it's just something that is possible.

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@49th: Ah, I see. I'll be sure to avoid using that again then. Thanks.

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