Need help in planetarium (NUMBER SYSTEM SPOILERS)

#1 Posted by Harkat (1160 posts) -

So, I'm in the planetarium. I can tell by the map there is an entrance to a secret room here.

I noticed that the different planets have ingrained numbers on them:

Purple planet: 1

Moon: 2

Earth: 3, both symbol versions of it,

Sun: 4, both symbol versions of it

I assume I have to wait for the planets to align in rising order, but is there anything more to it than that? AFAIS, I can't interact with the gears on which the planets spin or anything. Could someone point me in the right direction?

#2 Posted by Lokno (422 posts) -

Good eye, that's how the planets are labeled. However, unless I'm mistaken, you're overthinking that room.

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so, what is the answer?

edit: nevermind, you just rotate to find another door.

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