New Game+ and cubes/warp gates

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I can't find any solid information on this. I currently have over 40 cubes, so I could wrap-up the game and then go NG+. I am afraid to do this. I don't care much about the achievements themselves, but I really want to solve all the puzzles and secrets at once. It loos like finishing the game will send me back to the title screen for a new game, but do i get to keep my cubes and warp gates? Do I need to start NG+ to solve any puzzles? I have seen people hint at that being the case.

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Yes, you need to be in NG+ to solve some of the puzzles. Also you don't lose anything in NG+. You keep all your treasure maps, cubes, artifacts, and the map stays the same with areas you've completed marked in gold. You literally lose nothing by going to NG+.

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I encourage everyone to do NG+ ASAP. There is no downside and nothing to lose. You do gain new abilities and there are puzzles that can't be solved until you do. I did NG+ immediately at 32 cubes and was glad that I did.

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That's what I (and I think everyone) needed to know. Thanks, guys!

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@Saucy said:

That's what I (and I think everyone) needed to know. Thanks, guys!

I had literally just been asking this question in the other thread, and these are some good answers. I got all the way up to ~51 cubes ish on the first playthrough, maybe more? All artefacts and treasure maps. And now I finally wrapped up the game (with an ending as crazy as you would expect) and was shocked by the new abilities! Plus it allowed me to go and translate all of the opening text haha!

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I hate to ask, but how do you go into NG+? I remember seeing a stargate or something, but I can't remember where it was at. Was that it?

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Yeah its the stargate thing. From the hub where you have the 1-8-16 cube gates, go through the 16 cube gate to another town, then there's a 32 cube gate there.

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