New Game Plus: Anything You Need To Know Before Starting

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So I've just 'finished' Fez and want to dive straight back in to New Game + to start with the real puzzle solving but I'm holding back. The Bombcast has filled me with equal parts excitement and anxiety about this prospect. Excitement because it sounds amazingly deep, anxiety because I'm concerned I'm going to be a dumbass and miss everything important.

So before I begin I wanted to know if there's any info I should arm myself with. Do I need to research QR codes? Brush up on my C++? Upgrade my code-breaking skills?

What will I need? A pen and paper sounds old skool and intimidating as hell so I want to know if writing stuff down is a good idea. Anything else though? Compass? Swiss Army Knife? Provisions?

Finally, should I just do it? Just jump in I mean. Not wait for people to give me advice and just throw myself into the deep end and see if I can swim. I'll admit there's a temptation to do this but it's tempered by the fear that I'll fail to understand a lot of what the game's trying to say.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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You don't need anything special. Most of the cubes were obtainable before New Game+. When you restart the game, you'll get a new ability that will allow you to collect the rest. Pen and paper may help. Also wikipedia for one puzzle.

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